Carson ,Dunlop Conference

Well run well attended and a lot of happy home Inspectors .
We talked to many at the NACHI booth ,One gentleman I talked too came up from Texas and took time to talk to me and see just what we had at the NACHI booth .
Thanks C&D for the invite I enjoyed every minute of it.
Loved the endless Coffee every where and china cups too.
picture is Allan Carson ,Roy Cooke and Graham Clarke

I got to say Roy it is nice to see you with Allan and Graham. Only good can come out of connections with Carson Dunlop at this time for Ontario.

Picture of the NACHI table with Nick, Roy and Stephanie Rose .
Stephanie came up from head office with Nick and did a great job .
Some times we had 50 people~ wanting information and books.

I enjoyed it and met many Inspectors I had attended meetings and information sessions with .

So great to see so many great people again.

Thanks Kevin

Two good people who gave me a lot of help and information over the years .
It was much appreciated and I am so glad to have had the chance to tell them how they had helped make my business succeed .

It was a really good time. It was funny watching Canadian inspectors being so perplexed by how much InterNACHI provides for free. Many just stood there reading our benefits brochure while scratching their heads. LOL

We had a very nice Japanese dinner where Yuri told awesome stories about coming to the West with only $800 in his pocket, English not his primary language, and a wife and kid to feed… today he’s one of the most successful inspectors in Ontario and an InterNACHI member for 10 years.

We are so lucky in North America so many great people have arrived with so little and managed to become great citizens and make a good living .

My first Japanese food and it was great thanks Nick and all the others who had food with us .

It was strange to go to that Hotel I spent about a year helping to wire it in about 1960 .
It is a great place and was called the skyline then .