Nick and Nachi

My wife and I flew to Colorado for a series of informal meetings with Nick, to advance the cause of NACHI, and was welcomed at the door of my new office by Nick himself. (See picture # 1). His office is the one next to mine, on the right. (See picture # 2). From that moment on, we were enchanted by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, the serenity of the upland meadows, and the warm hospitality of the Gromicko family. (Good news for Nachi will be following in a few days, but wanted to share some pictures).




office 2.jpg

jacki and nick (Small).jpg


National Association of Certified Hillbilly’s…

John, you’ve got that right. I kept thinking, “mountain man,” but respectfully.

Those PICs came from my own yard. The shed in the first two PICS has 2 coyotes and six coyote babies living under it. I consider the shed *their *home and so I don’t store anything in it. The next to last PIC is the view from my deck. In the morning the entire valley is full of deer, elk, rabbits, foxes, etc. A deer walked into my basement once while I was watching TV with my headphones on. I often meet up with a mountain lion who walks down my driveway on a morning stroll like it’s no big deal. Last PIC is Keith’s wife Jackie and me in my side yard. I often sit in the evening about where we are standing in the PIC (no snakes at this altitude) and see what wildlife is brave and curious enough to come up close to me. They are starting to get used to me, especially the deer who come up within 6 feet and stand there looking at me for 10 minutes sometimes. They remind me of my herd of cows I had back in Pennsylvania. The mountain lion has come close a couple times walking by, but acts as if I don’t exist. I’ve tried talking with all of them but I don’t think I’m making any progress in the inter-species communication area.

Very nice environment if you like mountains, pastures and wildlife, but I like the hustle & bustle of the big cities.

Thanks for sharing, gentlemen.

The only true way to view the Rocky mountains is looking between the ears of a horse at an altitude that no four wheel vehicle can travel:)

Nice pics giving me that colorado fever

Having relatives near Nick’s mountain I’m very familar with the area. My wife and I use to volunteer time in Rocky Mountain National Park educating tourists about the wildlife in the area. Nick I may be sending you my resume for NACHI office janitor or mountain side landscaper.

Erol, too late, I’ve already applied for the job. In addition, to sweeping, doing windows, and cleaning toilets, I’ve offered to wear a cap and the approriate livery and be Nick’s chauffer if he’ll provide the vehicle.

When I get rich from home inspecting I’m going to retire and hang out in Pearl street (Boulder) and party all day. :cool:

You are truly blessed!:smiley: To have all of this and to be the founder of NACHI!

That’s true, Frank.

But…when I looked at the pictures, why did the banjo music from the movie Deliverance keep running through my mind ??

All kidding aside, it looks like Nick has his own little piece of heaven.

Bill Mullen
Sarnia, Ont.