Returning to Colorado!

This week, I’m returning to Colorado for some work with NACHI TV and would really like to meet up again with some of our Colorado NACHI guys.
Before Nick moved out West, he stopped by for a visit & called a meeting, in 2003. As a result, he appointed me President of Colorado NACHI and we all got together and created the state Chapter.
A couple years later, I moved to Idaho (as Nick was moving to Colorado!) and I haven’t been back in the past 3 years.
Hank, Kenton, Phil, all you ColoNACHI plank holders . . . Whoever’s out there, I’ll be arriving Thursday & leaving out Saturday; it would be great to get together!!!
No PM’s thru the board, please- email me at:
Russ @ & let’s see about fitting in a visit!

Let me know Russ so I can make sure I’m there too. I fly into Colorado Springs around 12:30pm on Thursday. Thursday night would be great. I know Scott Widick said he thought some of the guys would like to get together too.

Great, Dom!
Kent already emailed me, I’m looking fwd to a reunion with him.

Hank, where are you??