Nick, can you look into Evernote Discount

Reading a book on evernote it states that Non profit organizations (I assume its members) can get the subscription at a 50% savings. Can you look into this for us?

I think it is the same for Microsoft products…

Might be worth looking into…thanks…If I had the authority I would have looked into it for you…

Thanks for your consideration

Your loyal, humble and ever so non confrontational member

Russ Hensel

I will.

Nick as I have been researching this situation, almost every single computer and software company gives discounts to not for profit organizations. To include Apple, many say that is all you have to is show that your a member and the non profit ID number of the organization and you pay almost 1/2 price.

I do not know if that is only for the administrators of the organization, or the members. With INACHI being an educational organization I think we can get almost everything 1/2 price that deals with computers and software as long as it is from the manufacture Ie… an Apple store or Microsoft online.

All I think it would require is that you put the non-profit ID number on the ID cards and that should do it…

IS there any way to check into this, it could save them members thousands and thousands of dollars annually…

Don’t mean to make more work for you, but I think the pay offs could be signficant

That is a fantastic idea.
I have been using “Skitch” with my Android photos.

Avid "Evernote " user here.

Used to use “Google Notes” years ago but the project got canned and very happy with "Evernote " since.
Skitch can be used off line as well and nothing is faster for photo captions or annotations on tablets,notebooks,or in my case “cameras”.

P.S …Good way to document everything with use of tags and Notebooks.
Use you phone to picture receipts even.

Evernote can be used both off and online.

Only thing missing is ability to paste graphics in directly.

Use EPIM for that.

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