Nick Canceled the Sink Hole Course

After reviewing the InterNACHI online course for inspecting sink holes in Florida, Nick has decided that it’s not in our members’ best interest to be doing inspections at this time. I’m sorry, but I will not be releasing the course.

Good call.

Inspecting sink holes would be a huge liability in my mind. I wouldnt touch one…

I think that was a good call as well.

Agreed, I did not plan on doing those inspections.

To inspect a sink hole, would you not have to already know that it is a sink hole so what is the point.

Anybody got a ladder? I think I will need a ladder. Hey, get me a flashlight also. And some extra batteries.

Please sign this agreement releasing me from any and all liability. But don’t worry, I’ve done thousands of these things.

That’s what I think off when I hear the word sink hole. Saddly though, that’s not the case for most of the claims. The insurance industry is getting hammered with sinkhole claims that are just severe erosion and cracking in driveways.
Nick did the right thing. To much liability and to many factors that leave the inspector holding the bag.

Agreed…but I still think the sinkhole course was a good idea. As Home Inspectors the more information the better. Playing dumb is not an option.

No, but crossing the line into other specialized fields is just plain dumb. If you do, go to a University and get your degree first. Don’t be an idiot and get it from an online source. Sorry Nick, but this is one of those areas you will never convince me of “online superiority”.

You did the right thing here. Don’t go and blow it with unnecessary mumbo-jumbo!

I think this would be a good course, but it should be about “identifying” not “inspecting” sink holes.

We have a bunch of them here and they build right over them!
I have 4 on my farm.

I had a Professional Geologist working with me for a couple years and I learned a lot from him. We used GPR and GEMS in these applications. I’m not going to hang up a sign that I inspect sink holes!

I don’t know what Florida is doing about this (and I don’t want to know anything about Florida) but if they want these things inspected, there are plenty of Licensed Geologists out there to deal with it…

That said, I think that this would still be a good course as long as you don’t have John create a “Certified Sink Hole Inspector” designation.

There is already some good info on soil stuff on NACHI ED. For some of us with Karst Soils, this could be some good information.

I agree David. For information and educational knowledge only! But we all damned well know that some idiot somewhere will ask… GOT LOGO FOR THAT ???

I had a client ask me about sink holes two times this week!!

Just think it might help someone generate a good answer.

I have done Thermal Imaging on sink holes eating up the mall parking lot (but that is another story). I sure don’t want to see it added to “Infrared Certified”.

to bad. its useful information. other companies offer these courses for a fee

Yes Yes Yes…thank you for clarifying a point I assumed was understood.

But I guess with no way of visually identifying a true sinkhole…all erosion and step cracking (I was reminded not to use settlement) should be called out for a geologist to determine if cause is attributed to possible sinkhole activity.

just heard Morgan & Morgan cancelled their campaign to sue Internachi inspectors for sinkhole inspections. probably have to lay off a few lawyers. way to go, Nick.%between%

certified Sink Hole Inspector…I like it…lets see the logo…

NO!!! Say it isn’t sooooo!!! ARRRGGGG!!! :blank::blank::blank::blank::blank::blank:

OK! Nick said it’s offical…


Wonderful logo! I love it.

seems a bit harsh…