Sinkhole inspections required for Citizens after Oct 1?

Just heard this today from an insurance agent. Anyone in the state who wants sinkhole coverage will be required to get a sinkhole inspection done before getting coverage. Anyone else heard about this? What kind of licensing do you need? She said she thought it was a structural engineers license, but the inspection only cost $70. Was hoping InterNACHI could push Citizens to allow licensed home inspectors to do these inspections with proper training. I would love to be able to add this to my list of insurance inspections. Any info is appreciated guys.

And who sets the price for this inspection? Its amazing that you are listing a cost for something that hasn’t even hit the market yet. And you all want to know why insurance inspections are so cheap??

Well to be more specific, she said the company is charging $140, but either Citizens or the insurance company is paying half, thus cost to client is $70. Im still fuzzy on all the details, which is why I came here.

Only required in certain counties on the west coast.
Check the citizens website

LOL I did a search for “citizens insurance sinkhole inspections” and this thread came up number 4 in Google. Still can’t find out exactly what the requirements are to do these inspections on their website, link?

Realestate board here had an Insurance Exec. as a guest speaker…According to him, sink hole is the largest source of loss in Florida. People filling claims for cracks in their driveway.

Ergo the whole problem with our system. And the insurance companies are paying out on those claims

Ground Penetrating Radar…

and you thought Thermal Imaging was $$$

I want to see your insurance premium for that one too!

I think the home inspection I did the other day was on a sink hole in Titusville. Go to my company Facebook page and you can see a video. Third item, posted Aug 16th

Nice job as always John


Wow John, that house had some sinking issues. Do you guys see alot of sinkholes down your way?

No there has only been one that I can remember.

Now there’s a home that needs fixin… foreclosure or…

I’ve got 3 houses on my block like that. They’re not on sink holes though they’re on expansive clay. Cracks close in the rainy season and open when it drys out. The fix for all three was to jack them level and put in peirs. Expensive!!!
When they try to sell they have to disclose. Trouble has been that the insurance companies treat it as a home on a sink hole.

I have seen the memo from citizens. There are only 3 or 4 approved inspections companies for the state. They are all either engineering or geological evaluation companies. And I am almost positive that Citizens pays for 1/2 the inspection. The consumer pays for the other 1/2.
Other underwriters will follow suit I am sure. But, it is only in specific counties at the moment.

Just heard that the Inspections will $180.00 and the insured pays 90.00 0f the fee. The Inspection according to one of the local agents will entail looking for interior and exterior cracks in the walls, floors, foundations etc. Based on the inspection fee, highly doubt the inspections can be limited to Engineers (maybe unemployed Engineers)or if it is, how many Engineers would jump at the low fee.

Also understand that there are only 4 Counties involved at the present time, that being Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando.

Based on Michelle’s post, appears Citizen’s is setting up the Inspection program similar to the Wind Mit reinspections by hiring a couple of firms to handle the inspections. If so, the those firms will be seeking out Inspectors to work for a percentage of the 180.00. With the potential liability exposure attached to these type of Inspections, would they really be worth doing?

Inspection Depot is advertising a class for Sinkhole Inspections for $395 in October in Tampa. Think they also have one in S. Fla. You would work for them on their terms.

Any insurance company paying for driveway cracks and listing it as “sinkhole” is in a sad state of disrepair. We live on a sandbar in a semi-tropical environment, what the heck do you think is going to happen. I’m amazed when I don’t see cracks!

I heard they are all Geo/engineering firms Unless inspection depot owns one of these firms they are out…However I am sure they will push there services to the firms that were approved.

Only new policies are affected. And only 4 counties on the west coast. I understand if you already have coverage you will not be affected.

Your catastrophic ins already covers you if your home fell into a true sinkhole. However it seems to get a new mortgage you will need to look at those settlement cracks a little harder.

There is always a motive…banks are looking for an excuse or are just protecting there investment…you decide.

If anybody hears different please post…