Nick - Clarification Please

Nick or whoever,

Could you please provide the membership with a clarification on this? Does iNACHI now require that courses and material be submitted for continuing education approval as outlined by the iNACHI New Hampshire Chapter President?

Perhaps the continuing education policy has changed or I’m giving out totally inaccurate information when I receive inquiries.










I can clarify things. But, before I do, I would like to know what role you played in all of this.

The principals involved here have gone out of their way to disparage this association in the past, and have done so while giving testimony at legislative hearings. They now seek NACHI approval for course CEUs.

NACHI’s policy is quite liberal as to course approvals, but we are also not a doormat. As such, we have asked Mr. MacDonald and/or his partner to clarify why they felt compelled to state that the NACHI exam is a joke and that answers were for sale on the Internet, and that NACHI-NH inspectors were inferior, because NACHI is made up of part timers.

It is within NACHI’s discretion to approve or disapprove courses as they wish. One of the criteria is approval from another org. We have asked Mr. MacDonald to provide the ASHI approval information for his courses. He opened the door and stated it was approved. In the past, we have also asked for instructor bios and for course outlines for our files. Nothng new there. We have also asked for those documents from Mr. MacDonald.

Finally, and at Nick’s recommendation, due to the inflamatory actions of the principals involved against the membership of NACHI-NH, we have asked for clarification on the testimony given. If the information is false, they will be granted approval with apology. If it is true, NACHI will ask for a public apology. After receiving said apology and retraction, the courses will likely be approved if the other conditions are met.

Do you have personal knowledge of these individuals (MacDonald and Bates) and their actions in the state house? Were you aware of their testimony? Why did they feel compelled to contact you?

What is up with this?
Did someone misquote Frank and add this or was it contained in the original email?

Signed, Frank Carrio
[FONT=Arial]Founder & President;[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors [/FONT]


No role at all. I simply referred the inquirer to the NACHI CE requirement page that stipulates in full:


Judging from your response, apparantly the above statement is no longer correct. It’s a shame that association or chapter differences play a role in continuing education or opportunities for individual businesses.

Your comments and stance are noted. Thank-you.


The quote from the policy is accurate…

Per NACHI’s Website: "Qualifying Continuing Education: InterNACHI’s qualifying subject matter is quite broad. Anything reasonably deemed to be inspection-related can be considered qualifying including CEU’s earned for other inspection associations, construction seminars, and code enforcement training. Courses, classes, and seminars all qualify. Example: A mold seminar that lasts 2 hours qualifies as 2 hours of continuing education."

Policy notes other CEU’s “Can” qualify. It does not state that they “Will” qualify…FWIW

I agree.
The situation here has become personal.
Individuals may have lost sight of the big picture.


I don’t believe I copied the entire signature. Looks like it was cut short for some reason. If I remember correctly the next line read - NH chapter.


If that is the case, you should change the quote in your original posting…

Joe H.,

Thanks for pointing out the can part of the statement. But please correct me if I am still misinterpretating something.

Isn’t this just a general example/guideline provided to iNACHI members to help them understand what types of courses and training are considered qualifiable?

The NH Chapter is within its rights to defend itself from the hostile actions of ASHI in its area.

It is not a “personal” thing. A dying ASHI chapter, made mostly of out of state inspectors, is planning to use NACHI CEUs to lure attendance at its events to make it appear to others that it is larger than it is. Frank not only is correct in his actions, but has a duty to his state to stop it from happening.

Way to go, Frank.

I agree. Done.

Seeking “NUPI” support, no doubt.:smiley:

What’s up with this, I thought Nick was the founder? :shock:

Does Ashi or Nahi give credit to their members for any iNachi CEU’s or do they fail to recognize iNachi continuing education as being legitimate?

John and Joe H,

What sould be posted are the responses which were sent by me to Mr. MacDonald. There is nothing personal here.

John, you are correct in that local state chapter officials will not influence what gets approved and does not get approved. NACHI still has a liberal policy with regard to course approvals.

There is something slightly different going on here. As a person who was, at one time, involved in NH legislative matters, you know the flavor of issues NACHI faces up there. Further complicating the matter may indeed be the testimony of one of the principals involved.

So, no, its not personal. Nick backs the decision, and has given those involved te opportunity for clarification, after which, the course will likely be approved.


ASHI requires that all courses be submitted through a committee for approval along with an application fee. iNACHI does not participate in this scheme. I suppose that if individual iNACHI chapters wanted to participate and pay the fees they could.

So they don’t necessarily fail to recognize iNACHI courses but cheat their members out of education opportunites by placement of unwarranted additional fees on the educator.


Where we blanketly approve courses approved by ASHI, they require a $25-per-CEU-credit application fee for course review and approval/disapproval.

So, for one seeking ASHI approval on an 8 hour course, the application fee is $200.

NACHI approves these courses for free. The gentlemen involved claim that their course is ASHI approved. I have asked for proof of said approvals. Additionally, they are exempt from course review and approval (they claim) in the great state of Massachusetts, as they are teaching this course as an ASHI chapter. Under the Mass law, organizations approved to provide CEUs need not submit courses for approval. This differs from my own situation in Mass, where (although I am approved as an education provider), I must submit my course to the board for approval.

I presented my CWS course before that very board. I must say that they are very professional, and truly care about the quality of courses presented to Mass HIs.

So, with the claims made here, it is reasonable to ask for some documentation backing their claims. This is in addition to clarification on previous testimony given before the NH legislature.

John, that is not strictly true, ASHI’s possition is somwhat similar to our own they allow their members to claim any CEU that they have done for educational credits, and if they are deemed suitable are accepted. However if any vendor (or rival association) wishes to advertise “ASHI Approved” then they must make formal application for review before hey can market the course as such.

About 5 years ago myself and Scott Patterson (in our roles as Education Chairs) discussed the approval issue and agreed that it was in the benefit of all inspectors not to turn educaational oportunities into a “battle ground”

I share Franks frustration with some of the leadership of other New England orgs, however I would hope that common sense prevails for the benefit of all. I suspect that NACHI members will be voting with their check books on this issue and not attending unless they are in need of Mass CEU.



Thanks Joe F. and Gerry. Makes sense.
So it now all boils down to the individual and what they accept as being worthy.

Leave the politics and bs to the associations and take those courses that you deem as plausible to your business and personal education.

Approval/disapproval of an association is meaningless and both ASHI and iNACHI allow you to complete the course and count it towards your association continuing education credit requirements. This of course does not apply to state approved continuing education requirments.

Again…it is worthy to note that the objective behind this ASHI chapter of 16 people (two of which are out of business, and others who do not live in NH) are needing credibility. They are wanting NH NACHI members to attend an event to make it appear that their numbers and strength exceeds what it actually is.

Plenty of CEUs are available to them (NACHI members) through their own chapter. Support for these 16 ASHI members who are trying to mislead the state into supporting their home inspection bill is not worth the CEUs.

Hopefully, NACHI members will stay far away from this event and show their unity in opposition to the ASHI bill now pending before their House of Representatives.