CE credits from whoever

Hi all,

I know that it won’t do much good trying to set the record straight, but I’m going to give it a try.

Nick has the wrong information. ASHI has not changed any policy. ASHI will allow any education that their members attend to count toward CE hours as long as it has to do with our profession. If a person attends a class that is put on by NACHI, NAHI, AII, TAREI, CREIA, FABI, or whoever they will get credit for it.

Now the issue of a person/company having to pay for their course to be approved for an ASHI CE is and has always been in place if the provider is going to advertise it and promote that it is or has been approved by ASHI. If the person/company who is putting it on is going to make money off the course by advertising that it is approved by ASHI, why shouldn’t a fee be paid.

Hope this clears a few things up.


Oh, and maybe the following emails will help some understand what is going on. This is better than anything on TV!

Please post proof from this from ASHI.

Thanks Scott!

You are right, Scott. It is hilarious to think that your ASHI representatives can be stupid enough to think that there is some law - equivalant to the Civil Rights Act - that makes discrimination against ASHI a crime.

While your members are quickly becoming what would qualify as an “endangered species”, there is no law against outright rejecting an ASHI member for nothing more than his poor decision to be member of your association.

I know of two real estate agents who do it regularly…right in the middle of ASHI-owned St. Louis.

You’re right. This is quite entertaining, indeed.

Not to mention that every NACHI NH members has heard the disparaging email sent to all of our state senators. This email was sent out by Omnispec AKA Bob MacDonald and Joe Bates.

I actually had it read to me by my state senator and I have to admit I was floored.

I have talked to both Bob and Joe in the halls of the State house recently and both had told me we all need to work together, lets bury the hatchet, come to our seminars, ETC. Then to have this hog wash read to me was a slap in the face.

The actions of these two individuals have lead me to believe I can never trust anyone connected to ASHI and I for one look forward to their demise.

Besides their fake coalition and their outrageous lies to our Senators only one word comes to mind, liars!!!


Scott Patterson writes

Scott, thanks for posting. Are you denying that Angela at ASHI National said as much to us? Or are you saying that she does not speak for ASHI?


Scott, I hate to say that you are full of $hit but…

Scott… pick one please…

  1. I, Scott Patterson, am full of $hit.
  2. ASHI National’s Angela is a lying loose cannon and no longer speaks for ASHI.
    *]Nick and Angela are correct, ASHI National has recently changed its CE policy.
    Which one from the list above are you saying is true Scott?

And another…

Joe Farsetta in Misc forum writes today:

Are you sure you’re not full of $hit Scott?

Nick, fourtently I’m not as full of it as you are. :mrgreen:

The problem has been resolved it was a simple case of miscommunication with a person in a new job postion. I spoke with Joe today and he should have everything he needs. As for the issues in NH, I don’t think anyone can do much for those folks.

If I can ever be of any help to anyone please let me know.


A new person on the job…who decided on their own that ASHI will not accept anything from NACHI, and was confident enough in that to pass it on by phone? Right.

Scott Patterson…Scott Patterson…Now I remember…It was Scott Peterson who killed his pregnant wife and child and tried to convince the world that it was just an innocent mistake. What a coincidence.

Fourtently, he got caught and is on death row.

Scott Patterson writes
Nick has the wrong information. ASHI has not changed any policy. ASHI will allow any education that their members attend to count toward CE hours as long as it has to do with our profession. If a person attends a class that is put on by NACHI, NAHI, AII, TAREI, CREIA, FABI, or whoever they will get credit for it.
End Quote:

**The past is the past … at one time Scott MIGHT have had the power to speak for ASHI but now … Scott Patterson holds NO OFFICE and does NOT speak for ASHI . **

  • **He is just a another “member” who has completed at least 250 home inspections. **
    {Well Maybe… who really knows or even cares:roll: }
    The bottom line is that …ASHI National HQ was contacted about this matter and they said that they would not accept any CEU’s from ANY “Trade Association”.

Scott does not hold any position with ASHI and contradicts ASHI HQ. Who do you believe … Scott or ASHI HQ?

Also … "The Proof is in the Pudding."

**How long has NACHI existed? How many Seminars. conventions, lectures has NACHI hosted? **

How many THOUSANDS of CEU’s has NACHI presented.

  • **MORE IMPORTANTLY … how many of these thousands of *NACHI *CEU’s has ASHI accepted ?
    **1. ALL of them?

**2. *SOME *of them? **

**3. *NONE *of them???:twisted: **

**I am betting on “Door #3” !!!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: **

So now when NACHI holds ASHI’s feet to the fire and demands [size=4]RECIPROCITY all of a sudden we are the “Bad Guys”… What a laugh![/size]

YUP …watching Scott Patterson the old “Spin Doctor” fall flat on his face is better than watching Jerry Springer!

Hi Frank,

The problem was taken care last week or the day after all of this was brought to my attention. A person who was new in their position misspoke and provided the wrong information. I made some calls and sent some emails to the proper individuals. Speak with Joe Farsetta, he can provide you with all of the details. ASHI will allow NACHI courses to count towards ASHI CE hours. Just follow the guidelines like everyone else does for having the course approved.

If you or anyone needs any help with anything in our profession
I will do my best to do what I can to help or direct you to another person that might be able to assist you. It is getting tiresome with all of this bickering and infighting, we just all need to realize that life is too short and we need get along. The past is the past so lets work on the future.

Scott writes:

Oh, so you mean I had the “wrong information” because that is what ASHI gave me, and that the error was on ASHI’s side?

Scott writes

Folks, what he means in ASHIeze is “Just send our mini-association (ASHI) money $$$ and our little mini-association is pompous enough to approve a course offered by the world’s largest inspection association, a course already approved by state licensing boards and real estate commissions, so that members of our mini-association can use it for CEs in our mini-association.”

Please. I’ve never once written a check to ASHI for them to approve the course for THEIR OWN MEMBERS!!! Silly.

Do I have “wrong information” again Scott or do your guidelines include a fee for you to approve something for your own members?

Scott, pick one please:

  1. Nick, you have wrong information, we are certainly not so pompous as to charge InterNACHI for approving a course for OUR CE purposes to encourage education of OUR members which helps OUR member’s clients.
    *]Nick, you are right, we are a bunch of pompous aholes and we require you to pay us to help educate our members.

Hi Nick,

Sorry, but I’m not going to play your word games.

As for the ASHI policy for approving CE hours. It can be found on the ASHI website. You can find all types of courses that are approved for ASHI CE hours and ASHI members are not charged for them or do they have to pay for them. Many are provided free. Look at Certainteed this is a good example of free online education.

Most of the 90+ ASHI chapters around the country provide free education for their members. ASHI members or chapters are not charged a fee if the education course is presented at a Chapter. And that same education is offered to non ASHI members either for free or at a small fee. Fees are charged to the presenter if an educational session is going to be advertised as “Approved for ASHI CE” and the presenter is going to be making money off the course.

As I said it is time to end this bickering between the various associations and who offers what and does what. It does nothing to help the profession, it only hurts it.

Hi Scott,

Sorry, but I’m not going to play your word games.

I didn’t ask about, nor do I care what ASHI chapters are charging. Our courses are already approved by InterNACHI of course just as ASHI offered courses are approved for ASHI members. So don’t go into that again.

The question is simple… is ASHI requiring InterNACHI to pay ASHI $$$ for approval our courses for ASHI member CEs, to help educate ASHI members, for the benefit of ASHI member’s clients?

Is there reciprocity or not? Or is there only reciprocity if InterNACHI pays?

No word games here.

Nick, I can not answer that question because I simply do not know. I would suggest contact Brion Grant the current ASHI President, he would be the one that could answer this question you. I am only a member of ASHI.

I would hope that some mutual agreement could be worked out between all of the associations.

Make the first move Scott, have all Ashi members remove any and all disparaging remarks from their advertizements and websites about Nachi, then maybe someone will believe what you say about getting along. Words mean nothing without action.

Until ASHI’s Angela did her thing, I thought we had a “mutual agreement between associations.” And now it is clear that we are to pay for reciprocity… doesn’t sound to reciprocal to me.

I’ve made my personal feelings known… I say no more agreements, make every dual member pick a ship. COE Committee doesn’t see it my way though.

Removing disparging comments isn’t enough anymore. It is clear, looking at the detrimental effects diploma mill mini associations have had on our industry, inspectors, and consumers… we demand that ASHI adopt some entrance requirements… one or two would be a good start to show that ASHI is moving away from it’s no-entrance-requirement, come-only-with-cash-and shazam, diploma mill status and toward legitimacy.