Nick likes Riddles solve this one

I will even provide a digital image my client knew what it was I did not have a clue never seen one before and I launched the Ark with Noah the winner gets a whole bag of doughnut holes;-):wink:

910 E Hazel PC 10-27-11 067.jpg

Fire Bomb. :):wink:

Yep, Fire bomb filled with carbon tet

Yeah those get posted about once a year .

My Father had some of those in his work garage. :slight_smile:

Was that where the ark was built

I still see those in houses from time to time. Very nasty chemical. Clients should be vehemently warned.

don’t lick that…

aka Fire Grenade

While they’re really neat old antique things, google carbon tetrachloride (sp?) and warn your customers appropriately.

Those were on one of the storage wars episodes. some of them are pretty valuable.


Not quite Charley.
That was back in the early 60’s, and he also had a couple of smaller extinguishers made of metal and have no idea what was in them other than it was a liquid. Probably the same stuff.

The one’s we had were made to throw at the fire. The one in the picture appears to have a fusible link and when melted, the pring pin broke the glass.

Correct Marcel. The springed pin broke the glass globe. What made them work was not the liquid dousing the flame, but the chemical burning so fast and hot it removed all the oxygen from the air, thus leaving none for the fire, and immediately extinguishing it. Pretty awesome !!!

They must have not been very popular in my neck of the woods as I had never seen one and I have inspected a ton of old historical homes. Most of the old timers around here were mostly duped into buying lightening rods for the roof not fire bombs.:shock:

Nothing wrong with lightning protection Charley.
Hope all is good with you buddy, and have a good weekend. :slight_smile:

I agree Marcel, I see them occasionally on newer homes. Most people, including myself, won’t get a system installed until after the fact. A friend of mine lost her house due to a lightning strike & the subsequent fire.

So Charley…how many lightening rods did You buy ?:wink:

Did not need one this is Indian country I lived in a tent;-):wink:

I seem to remember an inspector, I think in Texas, a few years ago, have a major problem with lightning. He had posted pic’s of some of the damage.

Fire bomb. Or once it’s empty one could turn it upside down add a pipe fitting and BAM! You got yourself a nifty little bong.

Not that I partake in such things.