The InterNACHI Newsletter Project

The InterNACHI Newsletter Project

More than anything else, it appears that InterNACHI members consistently ask for affordable marketing techniques.

I’ve been writing a column for the newspaper for the past year, and Kenton Shepard is a published author. Together, we have agreed to create a collection of newsletters for members, and we’re pretty much working ‘round the clock to bang out a decent selection. Once we have 52 in the Newsletter Library we may slow down, but we want one in place for every week of the year for starters!

Email these out to clients, print them up and hand them out to agents, mortgage companies, chambers of commerce, bring them to real estate meetings, bind them in a collection to give clients, leave them out on the counter during an inspection, post them on your websites, stuff them in agents’ boxes, just USE them & tell us all HOW you are using them. Also tell us your success stories with them!

Finally, send us articles you’ve written! Include graphics, if possible. We’ll edit them, if necessary, to fit our format and give you credit as contributor. Send them in MS Word format to: Russ @ and be sure to write this in the subject line, so it doesn’t get spam blocked:
InterNACHI Newsletter”

Members helping Members . . .

Nice job guys!..look forward to them. :smiley:

I’ll see what I have around.

Thanks alot, Russ and Ken. NACHI rules

Russ, I have some in MS Publisher or PDF format but none that I’ve found in WORD yet. Want any of those?

Sure, Larry!
MS Pub would be better than PDF, if possible.

We’ve sent a few to Nick already, so this will go live as soon as he creates the site for the library.

Kent & I are now on the 23rd one . . .

Thanks in advance for the hard work you guys are putting in!!

Russ you are a dialup Librarian.:twisted:


We intend to build an article library which will allow targeting of a wide range of potential sources for work.

  • Real estate agents and brokerages
  • loan officers
  • mortgage companies
  • title companies
  • etc.
    Of course you guys are as capable as I am of going through the Active Rainlist… about 30 professions, all relating to selling homes in some way. All types of which we want to be able to receive a newsletter from you.
    The Active Rain list doesn’t include past clients- buyers and sellers- but they’re important too!

There’ll be a variety of general public interest articles included too!

You have mail. :smiley:

Not anymore! He graduated now and got hi speed satellite :mrgreen:

That’s right; I would not have been able to do this a couple weeks ago!

You should rename yourself Super Russ now because of all the things you will be able to accomplish now that you’ve upgraded from the old dial up.


Larry just contributed a dozen articles to the project!

Many thanks from all of us!

No Super Russ here, Dominic-

My eyes have fallen onto the keyboard & my desk chair has grown attached to my butt. :shock: I’m quitting for tonight, and so is Kenton (he’s been proofing & tuning the 30 I’ve sent to him. From there they go to HQ to be posted!).:smiley:

Sleep already? The night’s young, it’s only 2am!

More on the way…:smiley:

I’m building the InterNACHI Newsletter Library right now.

Sorry, Dominic, I don’t have any of the Cosmic go-go juice in my veins that runs your machine!!

Much appreciated, Larry-
I’ll be working on them this weekend!!


I just finished creating #52. That was my goal for the initial release.

Kent is fine-tuning and editing, looking for more places to plug InterNACHI inspectors in the articles.

He’ll be busy with that tomorrow, then off they go to Nick for approval, who’ll be posting the library.

Thanks for everyone who is still sending in contributions!!!