Current Status of Bill 59 Regulating Home Inspections in Ontario

Hello everyone. I just joined InterNACHI and am going through the course material.

I was wondering if anyone knows about the status of the proposed Home Inspection Act (Bill 59) in Ontario? From what I am seeing the bill has gone through a couple of readings but has not (yet) been passed into law.

Does it look like the Ontario Home Inspection Agency (OHIA) will be given control over the certification process? As of right now InterNACHI is not recognized by the OAHI as having accredited homne inspection certification/licensing.

Nothing as of yet.

As for; Does it look like the Ontario Home Inspection Agency (OHIA) will be given control over the certification process?

As for; As of right now InterNACHI is not recognized by the OAHI as having accredited home inspection certification/licensing, the opposite can be said.

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Thanks for the quick reply Robert. I was at the OAHI website and they do not list InterNACHI as one of their accredited schools … I called them and the person on the phone confirmed that they do not recognise InterNACHI.

OAHI and their members think the sun shines out of their ass.
As far as they are concerned no other organization is worthy. That has been going on for years. In fact one of their members bragged, in the past, that his dead father and his dog got certified as interNachi inspectors. He considered his fraudulent actions as investigative reporting.
What a joke! Don’t pay any attention to them.
The licensing legislation has not been proclaimed into force and it seems the current government has more pressing priorities, as they should!

Alberta has passed and enacted HI licensing and interNACHI training has been approved there, as well as in BC, I believe.



Welcome to our forum, Martin…enjoy! :smile:

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Thank you Larry :grinning:

Thanks very much for the input Douglas … I shall carry on with the InterNACHI course material!

Martin. OAHI helped the home inspection industry as a whole. Unfortunately, there have been many negative headlines placing OAHI in a bad light. If Roy Cooke Senior was here he might explain more about OAHI to you.
Roy sat on OAHI’s ethics counsel and was removed due to bias and lies. Basicly a power struggle. Raymond Wand helped Roy win his case against OAHI during which time Roy and Char Cooke assisted in InterNACHI’s development in Ontario and Canada.
Unfortunately Mr. Roy Cooke senior is no longer with us and is surely missed by many InterNACHI members. Mr. Roy Cooke is in the InterNACHI Hall of Fame and aided Procuring the CMI designation trademark in Canada.
Miss you big time, Buddy.
Roy Cooke

InterNACHI is the largest recognised Home Inspector free trade association/organization in world wide. We all have Nick Gromicko, Founder of InterNACHI and it’s members to thank.
Continue your education on the way to becoming a recognised Certified Professional Inspector or CPI. Furthermore, once you achieved that status, CPI, stride to become a Certified Master Inspector or CMI. An Honorable designation only the best inspectors stride for.
Need help along the way. Reach out to members. We are all here to help you reach your goals.
Best regards.
Robert Young


Thanks Robert … Roy Cooke sounds like a home inspector legend!

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A bit late, but here goes…the Act is not in effect at this point. However, we do know it will be under a DAA (Designated Administrative Authority) and not a home inspection association. My understanding is it will likely be a branch under the Condo Corp in Ontario. Again, the reality will not take place until it either becomes a higher priority by the current provincial government, or until there’s a change in the government party. OAHI and others have been vying for control, but as noted earlier, it needs to been non-partisan. The best we can hope for his each association still has a voice in the licensing once it does really happen. Until then keep get as much training, education and supervised mentoring as possible.

Now retired but. Inachi is the best. Started with OAHI but soon learned the truth. Listen to Claude. He can be trusted and tells the truth.

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