Nick, the idiot wand is at it again,

can someone get Chris to block the computer he is using again, please!

Ken you are responsible for you own troubles if you do not feed him he does not post.
So sorry you are such a slow learner Ken.
I wonder who is the IDIOT?

That was not nice Roy. Ken can not help it if he is slow. I would take slow over grumpy anytime.:slight_smile:


What a disgrace you have turned into. Crawl back under your rock. You decided to return to NACHI, but continue to whine like a little girl.

You and your buddy Ray believe you will effect change with your infantile rants. You have destroyed any chance of Ray returning to this fine org. You claim to stand on principal. You have proven with each post that you suffer from selective memory.

For all your bull**** regarding Bill Mullen, at least he is committed to his cause. You two, like the pathetic mo-mos you act like, hide behing your keyboards like children.

You both need to grow up.

Gee Joe for the Chair of the ESOP you sure do not have the ability to get along well .
It might be better if you just quit posting for a while you seem be having trouble ever since that Phone call you should never have made and are trying to convince your self every one else is wrong and you are the only one who is correct.
Life must have dealt you some serious blow for you to be so cranky all the time.
You are supposed to be the person in control who makes all the decisions.
You are not handling it to well at this time.


You are a twit. You just havent figured it out yet. Worse than that, you are being played for all you are worth by your buddy.

I have many friends within NACHI. I have many friends throughout the industry. I dont seek the approgal from Batman and Robin (you and Wand). I dont seek it, and do not care about it.

No, Roy. Maybe dementia has set in. I have no problems with posting, or teaching in Canada, or anything else. I dont have to be correct here, Roy. Concensus is against you and Ray. Has been for a while. I am comfortable with the decision others made. Remember, Roy, I wasnt the one who made the complaint. You threatened to quit. Why did you come back? To use this NACHI asset as a bully pulpit for your Ex-NACHI member buddy?

I make no decisions, Roy. As to the outcomeof things, you and Ray were in control the entire time. Everyone knows it.

Handling what too well, Roy. The rantings of you? The messages from an ex-member, who was banned from this board, had his posts erased as if he never existed, or the fact that a person who is currently personna non grata, believes it is legal for him to hack this message board?

I am not the one who has the problem. Stare yourself in the mirror, Roy.

As far as I am concerned, you are pitiful. Welcome back… oh yeah… you never left. So much for having the courage of your convictions.

No balls, Roy.

No balls at all.

Roy is correct. The more you start and respond to posts like this, the more illegal hacking takes place. It takes 2 or more to be in a ring fighting.

Your right to a point Nick… But I still do not agree with the way Roy responded to Ken on this thread. Roy’s attacks continue and it has no place here on InterNachi or any were else. As far as I am concerned, if this is what Roy plans on continuing then he can leave InterNachi again because personal attacks is not what InterNachi is all about, it is all about education! And no Roy you can not stand behind you box and claim free speech for personal attacks. :x

Sorry if it upset you Mark but Ken has been following me and said just one too many things far from nice about me .
I am sorry I said that and wished I had not
Yes you are correct I should not have said that but in the last few days Ken has called me and idiot an animal and just too many others to remember .
Here is one he posted earlier today that lead up to the post above.

I try to saty away from personal attacks.


Thank you Mark

Roy, you have brought this onto yourself, and try and come off like some sort of innocent bystander.

Joe please go back and try and read some of our posts your and mine with an open mind and see who needs just a bit of improving.

Even this post of yours is looks slightly vindictive to me. Thanks Joe

Roy, I will accept your apology. But I will state the same thing for Ken Also… But please think very hard before you post. My grandfather stated that it took a great man to hold his tongue then to speak a foul tongue in public.

Thanks Mark I do try to not be mean with my post . Unfortunatly Ken Got me when I was not at my best will try hard to make sure it does not happen again . Thanks for the reminder.
Hope we can all get back to helping each other.

Nick, can you get Chris to remove wand’s post? Why is he allowed back on the BB to do this again?

Why waste Nick and Chris’s time and effort? You block the IP he is using today and tomorrow he shows up under a new name and a new IP. It would be a never ending battle.

Thank you Joe for your very astute post .
As I said before this should never have happened and I feel it is time we put this behind us .
Not one of the three of us (Joe,Ray,or Roy) are innocent and for you too keep digging at the wound it will never heal.
Why do you not just let go.

He will run out of computers or money eventually, if I take care of it, it will not be pretty.

Go for it. However, wouldn’t it be simpler to just put him on your ignore list?

That’s not the problem, it is the lie he posted about me, i’m not going to stand for it.

Damn Ken. Why did you give me the red box?

Do you do this too everyone who attempts to assist you?