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InterNACHI supports free speech and vigorous debate within the inspection industry. Toward that end many of our message forums are open to all, including non-members. A few forums such as the Miscellaneous forum are visible to all, but don’t allow participation by non-members. The original intent of creating such forums was to provide members a safe haven to communicate to the entire industry without interference from non-members. Using the shield of such forums to taunt non-members who have no opportunity to defend themselves or their position is considered abuse of the protection forums such as Miscellaneous provide and contrary to InterNACHI’s free speech goals. Members desiring to engage non-members directly are encouraged to use the many other forums where all may participate.


**Why should we be forced to defend ourselves AGAINST NON MEMBERS? **


I remember that. This bb has become a black eye and a disgrace to NACHI. Organizations are measured by its weakest link. This may very well be your weakest link.

Nick…certainly you are not inviting expelled members who have been banned from the message board to participate in these debates. Are you?

One in particular is a mental case.

He fabricates vicious lies about people…claiming they have criminal records and such…then distributes the links to his lies to people outside of the association.

He stalks members on the internet, makes obscene calls to their homes, and publishes slanderous materials all over the place.

It is good that he is expelled and good that he is banned. Why should we make it easier for him to hack into conversations by inviting him to do so in another forum?

The guy should be locked up, not encouraged.

I’m asking member not to abuse the MISC forum’s safe haven restrictions to attack non-members who can’t technically come on to the MISC forum and defend themselves.

It is pretty clear that many of our members DESIRE to fight with non-members. Fine. But make it a fair fight and take it to one of the open forums, not MISC.

If you want to hit without being hit back, post in members-only.


What do the green boxes stand for?

Shakespeare once wrote … What is in a Name?

Well Your Name and Your Reputation is the CORE essence of Your being!

  • Without Your Good Name and a Good Reputation you are nothing!
    *]The NACHI Bulletin Board is the “Face” of NACHI.
    It carries both our name and our reputation and to let Ray Wand and others continue to Shi`t on our Good Name without any penalty or legal response is not only irresponsible but unconscionable!

I don’t follow the message board as much as others but it is my impression that Ray was basically a one-issue poster who never bothered anyone at InterNACHI until a few Yankees went up to the Canadian forum and picked a fight. I might be completely wrong, I admit. Anyway, all I’m saying is fight with him in the Canadian forum… using the restrictions of the MISC forum is cheap, no?

Ray is banned from our message board.

He is not allowed to post in any forum.

You lost me. Shakespeare wrote about NACHI.

O Carrio, Carrio, wherefore art thou Carrio?

Just kidding Frank :wink:

“'Tis good to be sad and say nothing”

As You Like It, Act iv, Sc.1;-)

What is “Cheap” is that this punk is allowed to post after he was banned from NACHI!

What is “Cheap” is that our Chairman is being slandered, what is “Cheap” is that several individual members are being slandered, What is “Cheap” is that our association is being disparaged!!!

NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT !!! … THAT is “Cheap”!:twisted:


How about… Hey Gary!
I am in 100% agreement with you and …

That was well written and too the point!

**Quote: **
Originally Posted by gjohnson:

I remember that. This bb has become a black eye and a disgrace to NACHI.

  • Organizations are measured by its weakest link.
    This may very well be your weakest link.
    End Quote:


“If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”.

The Merchant of Venice (Act III, Scene I).

Would you REALLY like me to say what is on my mind?

It would violate ALL of the NACHI BB rules and several COE sections.

If I did it would cost me my NACHI membership!:twisted:

But then again … since NOTHING is being enforced I could just become another *STALKER *like Ray and harass everyone without penalty!

If you have the Cohones then yes…

If this was any other BB there would be no need!

“They” would have been kicked out and forced to stay out!


“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under 't.”

Macbeth (Act I, Scene V).

Since “We” do not enforce the NACHI message board rules all of the world sees that “Our Serpent” has false teeth and needs "Denture Cream!

“Our Serpent” needs to grow some teeth! :twisted:


“We have seen better days”. - Timon of Athens (Act IV, Scene II).