Nick why do only Russel's Marketing Forum Members

Is there a Mr. Kirk here somewhere? :mrgreen:

You’ve already made it well-known that you don’t want any help from me, so your plea is disingenuous at best.

You’re right, it’s Nick’s Call, unless you know just what the arrangement between Nick and RR is then you, or I, wouldn’t know just what materials and programs that have been developed by RR are available to all NACHI Members. As far as I know RR was hired as an advisor, ask him a question, I’m sure he would “advise” even you.

It appears to me, and was mentioned previously, that RR has attempted to store all his “information” on a NACHI Website, that’s Nick’s Call too, otherwise like RR says his Marketing Site is open to all, and it’s free, and that site is maintained at RR’s own expense, not NACHI’s, but his site is about Marketing, not personal attacks, and bullsh*t such as “Cookbooks” etc.

His marketing adice is free and available to every NACHI Member, but it is restricted to discussions about Marketing

No thanks.

There you have it, and Wendy has said the same, so I’m not sure why those two have so much to say about the situation.

I am not “saying” anything other than “saying” to those who are attacking Wendy for asking a question that her question is legitimate. You can write your 25 P’s (or whatever the hell they are) on the back of a postage stamp with a felt tip pen, as far as I care.


I am looking at the question from a broader aspect. Remove the names/personalities from the discussion for a moment.

Nick pays me $100 to write an essay on “NACHI and Its Impact on the Mating Habits of Clams” for the benefit of the membership.

I take the money, write the thrilling essay, and instead of putting it on the NACHI site…I publish it on my own, requiring members to subscribe.

Now, I have accumulated 10,000 home inspector email addresses for sale if I so desire and 10,000 or so hits to my website, increasing its rankings exponentially over my competitors.

Is this what is intended by Nick? Only he can answer that question. My bet is, for that kind of return he would expect me to be paying him.

So, Wendy’s question - no matter what may have motivated it - is a legitimate question and, IMO, is something that should be addressed at some time and in some fashion (perhaps not in an open forum such as this).

No James, you’re looking at the issue from your normal narrow viewpoint, you don’t like someone, so everything they do or say must be wrong, any disagreement with you or other members of your pack are to be considered personal attacks.

When it was announced that RR was becoming a paid NACHI Advisor, somewhere in the earlier posts it was stated that his Marketing Advise and programs would be stored somewhere on NACHI’s website, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to post them all in a forum on the Message Board where the threads would need to be constantly “bumped” to keep them on top, they should be stored somewhere like where Nick’s advice on Brochures, for example, are stored, available to all, and then discussed on the message board, until such a “storage” site is developed, by Chris I would suspect, all of RR’s programs are available at his site, at his expense. So just what is you and Ms. Forsyth’s problem, neither of you would read or take his advice, and for those of us who may want to read it, and occasionally take it, the information is available. You bitch should be with Nick or Chris for not yet providing the space on NACHI’s Website for RR to post his information.

You and Ms. Forsyth imply that RR’s advice is totally worthless, so why should you be so worried about wheter or not it is available to anyone?

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And you, Lewis, are to be considered the objective one in a Wendy-related issue, I presume. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously though, the fact that I think you are wrong about this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I don’t like you. Instead, it has everything to do with the question that is being posed: Is it proper for a paid NACHI member to take NACHI owned material (if it, indeed, was) and put it on his own subscription based site where he can accumulate (and sell) member email addresses from those who attempt to obtain this NACHI product. Do you think this is okay to do?


does anyone even know if in fact there has been any material developed for NACHI under whatever agreement, or is RR giving of himself as he has done so often in the past? The site is free, the info is there, what is the problem?:smiley:
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Nick does. I think this may be why Wendy posed the question to him. Perhaps he is fine with this arrangement and it has all been prearranged and agreed to, in which case there has been nothing improperly done.

As I stated earlier, we have some people in appointed positions who do this regularly. I have read where the ED has a an electronic chapter or something like that where people go off-site to access certain things. The difference is, being that they are not on “the payroll” as Russel Kirk is, their time is their own and what they develop during that time they can maintain undisputed ownership of.

Just as “Objective” as you James, when it comes to a member of your pack.

Let me see if I have this right, Wendy believes that RR’s Information is worthless, yet she demands his help, that according to her she could join RR’s Marketing Board, so by not doing so she has refused an opportunity to access that worthless basic kindergarten stuff on RR’s site, and that even though she believes that RR’s advice is worthless she is “tired of reading” his threads. Am I right so far? Why does she waste her time worrying about “usleless” information?

Her question to NIck was about the availability of RR’s Information and why it has not been provided on the NACHI Website, it’s funny how you two always manage to make any questioning of her “statements” all about her, instead of the question at hand. which in this case is “Why hasn’t Nick providied space for RR to store his information”?

Here’s another thought. I imagine very little of the information that she is demanding was deveolped on nachi time. RR has really only been an “employee” for a few weeks. I think somone should prove ownership before demanding that it be given to a few loud mouths that don’t even want it to begin with.

Hey!..where has Chris Morrell posted all of the information on how to do a top notch bulletin board and keep it bug free? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

RR, now that you’re an insider, is it true that Wendy and Bushy are really just Chris stirring the pot when he’s bored programming?

If so, please ask him to step out from behing the curtain and take a bow, this is better than Oz.

How do we know what the agreement is with Nick and Russel and is it copyrighted exclusively to NACHI?

James, if you are privy to this info. such as how much Russel is getting paid and all the other agreements that where made with Nick then please let us know.

PS Isn’t this a Non profit org. this info. should be available.

Too long of a thread for me to read, but Russel… just email me any articles or PPTs you have and I’ll make a library on the NACHI site for members. It will only take me a couple minutes.

Right now, Peter, we don’t know a heck of a lot…only that someone asked a legitimate question that seems to have offended some folks. If Nick replies to her by email or some other source, hopefully she will share the answer with us on this thread.

We can reasonably assume, although not for certain, that what a NACHI employee creates while on the NACHI payroll is the property of NACHI. I know that this has been the case with many of the on-line courses and other things we see here, daily. Perhaps Nick and Russel have another type of agreement which would render the question moot.

Issue resolved…case closed.:smiley: