Thanks Russel and NACHI

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In the MEMBERS ONLY section your comments are not public! ![icon_sad.gif](upload://nMBtKsE7kuDHGvTX96IWpBt1rTb.gif)

Post this honorific testimony in the misc area of the board. All of the non members need to know the advantages of NACHI with members like Russel.

My personal opinion is mirrored by yours - Russel is very generous with advice and a wellspring of MKTG knowledge.

I posted this message in the members only section, it should have been here.
I would like to publicly thank Russel Kirk. Yesterday, I sent him an email, with an attachment, and I asked him to comment on it. He didn't know me and had never heard of me before. He not only commented on my attachment, but he returned a rather large comment with very useful suggestions that I am definitely going to use. It was gracious and unselfish of him to give of his time so willingly to help someone he doesn't know and is new to the business. Russel, thank you very much for your help.
Thank you to NACHI. Joining has become an opportunity to access a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill.

Fred Duemig

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Welcome to NACHI. Get used to the help. There are a lot of Russel's on this board. Only they go by other names. For anybody reading this message, don't be shy to ask questions or chime in on a subject. I find that everybody is treated as an equal here from the Executive Director on down. Try getting the Executive Director of other organizations on the message board answering any and all questions. Hard to believe that it happens, but it does, regularly 24/7 here on the NACHI board.