Nick why do only Russel's Marketing Forum Members

No. What THIS is about, is Russel making a promise to post his P’s on the other thread about Six figures and NOT following through, hyping everyone up, and then requiring everyone to sign up at Marketing to view it…

That is called Bait and Switch in any language, and it’s an old trick and any one who’s been in the biz long enough know’s it. So while the creeps here may want to make this into another bunch of crap about me, the truth is, it was another Hanzel and Gretel story of Russel stringing along bread crumbs for the NACHI members and then when the finally got to the Gingerbread House, he shoved them into the oven and slammed the door shut. For those who are naive at best, that means he made you sign up at the Marketing forum, or if already signed up, he made you click on the links at Marketing to read the presentation, thereby boosting his ratings by reading it.

You all can say what you want about me, and think what you want, but the truth is, you are naive and silly, and a bunch of willing lemmings being led off the cliff regularly and buying bottles of snake oil repeatedly and before you even run out of the first bottle you’re asking him when the next bottle is available and how much can you pay for it. :roll:

Like several have asked, Do you know what kind of agreement Nich and Russel made?

You mentioned writing an essay, "“NACHI and Its Impact on the Mating Habits of Clams”, paid for by Nick, what if you had written it before you became Nick’s employee, would the Essay now automatically belong to NACHI?

If Ms. Forsyth wanted to ask Nick a Question about the availability of Russel’s Marketing Information to NACHI Members she could have asked him through Email, just like most of us do when we have a question for him, instead she used her supposed question to attack RR, all without any knowledge of the agreement between Nick and Russel, whining about something she says she has no use for

You can stop trying to flog Wendy, Lewis. The issue is resolved and the case is closed. She has several other threads open affording you plenty of opportunity.

Besides, none of your questions above are relevant to the topic.

That doesn’t give us any less say as NACHI members in what you do. That’s the problem right there. You think only your fan club members should have a say in what happens with you. :roll:

boy…am I tired or what?

Wendy…NACHI’s employees answer to Nick. Not us.

Nick responded to your initial post by requesting that Russel Kirk send him his articles and PPTs for Nick to post on the NACHI board. I think that about settles it, right?

Seeing the amount of time that JB and Wendy spend on this board, it would have crashed long ago if they were Chis’s alter egos, I have wondered if JB and Wendy aren’t the same person just pulling our legs, but which one is real?

Russel and NACHI really don’t have any kind of formal agreement, but that isn’t anything unusual for NACHI, we do most everything by email handshake. We’ll get a library up of stuff Russel sends us so that members can get to it. Does that work?

It certainly answers the question that was initially posted. Thanks, Nick.

James, that is the very question I ask you, do we even know Russel is being paid or are you just assuming?

According to this, he closed down his business to accept a full time position. What does that mean?

That’s good, but all of my questions had to do with the subject of this thread, no one but NIck and Russel appear to know what arrangement they have as far as who “owns” RR’s materials.

Nick’s announced “Library” for RR’s information is what was supposed to have been created some time ago, in the meantime Russel has continued to provide his information, free to all, on his own wegsite, where you can actually discuss Marketing Ideas instead of someone’s sexual orientation, cook books, illnesses, and other bullsh*t that have nothing to do with any subject other than bigotry and self pity.

Now that RR’s information is to be placed in a Nachi Library do you really believe that Ms Forsyth will leave all that worthless information alone and not continue her attacks on him? Want to place a bet on that?

Thanks for clearing that up for us Nick.

Members helping members, That’s a quote I have heard before but unfortunately not lately.

And to Russel, THANK YOU!!! your 21 pages of P are very helpful, will I use all of it, probably not, will I use some of it, most definitely.

The $289.00 I just sent to NACHI to renew my membership is well worth it as it is every year.

It could mean that he has been successful enough in his ventures that he doesn’t need to rely on a regular paycheck…

But none of us knows that do we!!!

And it’s really none of our business. IMHO

Oh no Peter, you thanked him again! As Jack Benny would say, “Now cut that out!” :wink:

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The ignore feature is a beeeeaaaaaautifulllllll thing … IMHO :slight_smile:

Ask him, if you really need to know so bad. I could give a damned.

Wendy asked a question that was a legitimate question. Nick answered the question by having the articles placed on the NACHI site. The issue is closed as far as I am concerned.

I don’t believe RR was payed by NACHI to develop his Marketing Forum. So the way I see it he has full control over it. It is a seperate entity from NACHI.

From what I have seen so far, everything that he has developed while being on NACHI’s payroll has been left on the table for all to see. Take it or leave it, but don’t bitch and moan about it when it’s “free” advice.

Get a life and go out and sell yourself or stay here and keep on bitchin’ cause you don’t have a life.