Nick why do only Russel's Marketing Forum Members

James, please don’t get so angry with me. It was your post that asked what does this mean.
I just responded by saying maybe he doesn’t need a regular paycheck.

I do not need to know anything that BAD, but it seems you might, but then again why even give a damn…

Can we go back to talking about licensing???

I’m not angry, Peter. Just frustrated.

None of my posts in this thread have as much to do with Russel Kirk as they do the point of Wendy’s original question. I am not even a little bit interested in his stuff and I don’t care where or if he posts it.

The issue brought forth has a full time NACHI employee…(insert any name, here)…who develops (insert name of project, here) for NACHI members and publishes it somewhere else where members must give up an email address to obtain access to it. The question posed regarding this and future matters is, is such action proper?

The question has been answered and the issue is no longer relevant.

And it was asked so professionally and properly …

James, how have you determined that Russel is a NACHI employee? do you know how he is getting paid by NACHI? and what the agreement with Nick is?

If you do, please let us know, if not I think you should back off.

Oh great, there go them damn Ps again… Thanks allot!

We have established that he is a full time NACHI employee. As to his pay arrangements, they are between he and Nick. As for backing off, I think this is about the third time I have posted that the issue is dead. Why are you so intent on keeping it going?

James, how do you define a full time employee, in my mind it’s someone who goes to work everyday, get paid a salary, has taxes taken out every week and so on. A consultant on the other hand receives compensation in a number of ways depending on the agreement between the parties involved and they receive a 1099 at the end of the year with no tax with holdings. So this said, we really do not know the agreement between Nick and Russel and his compensation could be in a number of way that are not an employee but perhaps a consultant.

PS. to who ever gave me a red box, grow up and sign your name!!!

What are you afraid of.

According to Nick there is no formal agreement about the ownership of RR’s Marketing Materials, yet you keep posting that Russel is doing something wrong by not posting his entire library and everything he has developed over the years here on the NACHI Message Board, how do you know that any of his material , other than what he voluntarily provides, is the property or the right of any NACHI Member to view? Nick seems to be happy with RR posting what ever he wants, so why the continued accusations?

ing wron

Good question. Even Nick and I don’t know. But Nick apparently is not infallible because he certainly got the bold part wrong:

We don’t know what it means to be on “NACHI’s staff,” and we don’t know what it means to have “a full-time position at NACHI,” and I’m not sure we ever will. Until we do, however, I’ll keep on keeping on. If Nick doesn’t like what I do, I’m sure he’ll tell me. Last time I saw him, he was a pretty big boy, probably quite capable of speaking for himself.

Ask Nick. “Full time” are his words.

I have never posted this, or anything close to this.

To the contrary, I have posted that I am not the least bit interested in his postings…to include where they are posted. The question regarded work that was being done while a full time NACHI employee. I asked the general question regarding members’ access to NACHI materials. Again, the question has been answered and the issue is moot.

I’m sure that Nicks words are just that, His, does that mean Russel is a full time employee, doubt it.

It’s to bad you hate him so badly, I have found some, not all, of his ideas useful, especially under my circumstances.

I hate no one.

Does that look familiar? How do you know that Russel has developed anything at all for NACHI Members since his employment with NACHI began? Yet you have implied several times that he has done so and that his actions should be questioned. That’s accusation, an implication that he has done, or is doing something wrong. Get a life James, your number of Posts are gaining on Wndy and RR both,

Indeed they are. I have no problem with “full time,” but apparently some other people do. My definition of “full time,” however, is much, much different than other people’s definition.

They never sign their names Peter, they’re too “cowardly” to stand behind their actions, I gave you a greenie to make up for the Red.

Hold on a second, I need to get my hip boots on!!!

Thank you Lewis, I like you, do not hide my identity on this board nor do I hide my score if you will at the top right hand corner. I just like to give my opinion and try to keep it civil.

1)Nick…Thank you.
2)James…Thank you.
3)Russel…Thank you.
4)The rest of you who keep posting lies and disinformation? Get a life.
5)The issue was never what you posted, and only ever what I posted, that you obviously never understood, that Nick obviously did understand, and you didn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t.

That makes Nick the better man.

That’s why he owns NACHI and you don’t.

What I meant by that James, was that Russel seemed to only want input in the conversation by those who like his “Marketing” gimmicks. :roll: