Nikon S9300

Here is a link to it.

Brand New less than one hour use. I dislike it compared to my Canons I have owned.

Nothing in the box was opened except the camera. I have an extra battery too. It even shoots 3D. 18X wide Optical Zoom.

I had a previous model and they sent me this one brand new in the box all software cables etc are there and un opened.

$275.00 Takes it you pay whatever the shipping is. It would be under $10.00 if I stuck it in one of those if it fits it ships boxes but will likely cost more to ship if I send it in original box. Feel free to call me at 954-922-0584 if you have any questions. Price is firm and you get an additional battery free.

Please call or email me at as I almost never come to this section of the Forums.


Forget it.

I am selling it to a friend tomorrow.

I did get this GREAT offer but my Daddy told me if something seems to good to be true then it probally is.

I told him to just send cash and I would send the camera and I never heard back. I do not know what his scam was but I am sure it was a scamm. Maybee a fake Paypal deposit form email or something.

** Thanks for really being honest with me. people like you are had to find this days, am located in United Kingdom i will offer you additional $100 USD for the shipping to my Finance in United Kingdom making $375 USD both your selling price send me your paypal request here is my mail so i can transfer the money to you let me know if will have a deal thank… **