Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide Question Please

Hi All,
** I have a question that maybe someone here may be able to answer for me. **

This question is about the same used gas water heater I posted about last month titled:
Burnt Combustion Hatch? Please Help!

The gas water heater was shut down for a week. We put a door up to the room where the gas water heater is located which this room is attached to our kitchen. After we put this door up we re-lit the gas water heater and it has been lit for a week and a half now. The vapours are still getting into the apartment even with a door put up to block off that room.

**My landlord still has not replaced the durn thing even tho we are still having problems with it…and now I have developed Respiratoral problems. **

I’ve done more reseach on gases that a gas water heater can put out which are Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide, both from which I read can cause burning of the eyes, nose and throat and Respiratorial (fluid in lungs) problems.

I would like to know who I could call who would be able to detect Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide in my home?
Would I call the City? Or who should I call?

Thank You,
Sabrina Roper

You may consider the fire department if you think you are breathing poison and can’t seem to stop it.

Call the local Gas company and if there is a problem they will red flag the system, and turn off the gas until it is fixed.

Draeger tubes should do the trick.

Oh, hell Brian why not make this difficult?:roll:

It’s all relative Todd, I answered the question, you chose to go with “Reccomend further evaluation bla bla bla…”.:wink:

Yes, but sometimes they ask the wrong question and don’t even know it. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

In all cases conserning Natural GAS the local GAS company is the folks that should deal with it, and they will.

I do not think you answered the question. As the question was … Who should I go to and not what far out test should I use… LOL:p

The gas company rocks and they take care of all problems post haste.

It’s cause you are a wire puller Todd.:stuck_out_tongue:

As told by a rod burner?

Quik now whats 6011 good for?:mrgreen:

Quick now whats 308?
bla bla 7018 ?

bla bla 6010?

Sabrina, as has been said on your earlier posts, the vent piping to the water heaters is WRONG. Todd is correct and you should call your local gas company to come out and evaluate your situation.

I will call the gas company tomorrow morning and request help. Not to sure if the City will have anything to detect something like this, but worth a try.

These Draeger tubes you speak of, how are they use? Do you fill them with a solution and stand in the area you think has the vapour and the liquid in the tube changes color?

I know stupid question :roll:

Thanks Sabrina

Have no fear, if you explain the problem to the Gas company they WILL deal with it.

If you’re gonna keep screwing around with this totally-inadequate-installation, you may as well just call the local mortuary and reserve your plots. . .

Shut it down until it’s fixed. Call an attorney in the morning. As a tenant, you have rights. . .

Testing with Draeger tubes falls well outside of the realm of Home Inspecting Sabrina, the gas company may have them. A large Gas/Chemical supplier may have them in your area, Air Products, Linde, Praxair, Air Liquide etc.

Indeed they will, the gas company has everything and they WILL make sure changes are made before the gas is turned back on…

HeeHee…funny thing…the landlord is an attorney.

This guy saw dollar signs when he bought the property 2 years ago…being the property sit right across the street from a hospital and it also sit on the water front. He thought the hospital was going to buy this property from him for big bucks …LOL…he found out differently real fast and now has the property up for sell.

He paid 400,000.00 for the property and the hospital across the street offered him 27,000.00

Thanks Sabrina

Well then , sue him!

HI Sabrina…Only read the first page of the other thread but after seeing the pictures there I still would not rule out carbon monoxide.
Your symptoms remind me of it .
Looking at the photo of the flue pipe I see two different diameters at the upper portion with tape around them.
Is this the case as they should have a special connector called a reducer.?