NJ restricts the way you test for radon!

I just purchased two Radstar RS300’s today from a company in Mass. About two hours after I purchased them, I get a call from the supplier stating they can’t sell them to me because I am from NJ.
So I called the NJ DEP radon section and its true. You are not permitted to set and retrieve your own CRMs in NJ unless you have 3 licenses: Radon Measurement Technician (what we all are), Radon Measurement Specialist (Lab tech) and a Radon Measurement Business (Lab) license.

We are stuck with charcoal and liquid scintillation with the Measurement Technician License. This is absurd! :shock:

Same in NY

And that’s why its hard to get into testing schools and daycare centers. They have a lock on it. I looked into Radalink last year but they pulled out of NJ.

That’s something else I don’t understand. The theory is you are not allowed to own, or read a CRM. With Radalink, you do neither. They read it and send you the report. Its like you are a Radalink affiliate. That’s supposed to be okay.

Drew- I’ve been using CRM’s in Jersey for 3 years. Give me a shout and I’ll tell you how to get around the restrictions without all the extra certifications. Legally of course. I’ll shoot you a PM with my cell #

Well John’s offer is better than the one I was going to offer you. I was going to offer to help you get the lab license. Thanks John.

I researched opening a measurement lab here in NJ a couple years back. I found the restrictions too convoluted and the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze in such a saturated market. Luckily, NJ allows you to affiliate with other labs so they will process your CRM results and produce the end report for you. Like is said before… Convoluted.

in RI I need to have 2, radon measurement consultant, and radon measurement business.

Just another example of government telling the professional what to do, and how to do it. Sad for you.

I think I’m going to go ahead get Specialist and the Lab licenses anyway. Part of the reason for getting CRMs is to reduce my reliance on others.