No bushings in the panel

All the branch wiring left the panel (Sylvania) through the bottom knock out, with no bushing. Would you call this out as a defect?


Thanks, Ben. I should know this, but I’m stumbling around for wording. Any suggestions?

I don’t understand this description at all.

Maybe something like, " Wiring at main panel lacked proper bushings and/or wire clamps, this applicaiton is incorrect and we suggest repair"

Missing service panel protective knock out grommets, (Unsafe Condition - wiring, cable, conductors, whatever are subject to physical damage as a result of same).

Thanks Tim. Thanks Will. Sorry Speedman.

"There is wiring entering the panel without the proper protective bushings. Wiring that enters the panel should be solidly anchored and protected where it enters the panel by a bushing to prevent the sharp edges of the panel box from damaging the wiring and creating an equipment/safety hazard. Recommend installation of the proper connectors by a licensed electrical contractor. "

Nice, Jeffrey. Thanks to all that understood what I was talking about. If I could just figure out the darn photo upload…I resized the photos of this to 640x480, and it was still 111kb. Oh well, some changes aren’t really better, but that’s another thread somewhere else. Have a great week, guys!

Resize them to 500 x whatever it works everytime…

When you say the bottom knock out, are you referring to the one in the base of the panel, or the bottom knockout in the front of the panel? I got a really goofy image and can’t picture it as well.


The front would be an open breaker slot. He’s talking about panel knock outs with out wire protection clamps/ bushings to hold the wire comming through the panel and also protects them from damage.

Like this picture


Pictures would be helpful…but when he says

Pretty good sign he DOESN’T mean the front knockout, bottom, middle or otherwise.

He probably dosnt know that “Sylvania” could also be a Zinsco too :roll:

Thanks Jeffrey for the wording and Tony for the picture. Without each of you I still would have been lost.

So much of the wording and lingo on this thread is assuming us electrical kindergarteners :smiley: out here understand. Thanks for making it basic.

Thanks guys. That’s what I thought he meant, but I just wanted to be sure. It is harder without pictures for sure. I don’t like to assume anything, I’d rather ask and know that I’m picturing what I’m supposed to be. :slight_smile:

I saw another thread asking about this same thing. I remember this from the electrical I was studying last year. It makes sense as the sharp edges could cut through the covering on the wires and damage them.

I did a remodel inspection last year where the panel was a Zinsco. I was very glad that I’d been reading on this board as I didn’t know what it was before that.