Service disconnect located ouside, 400 ft away

Inspected condo built in 1994 today. The electrical panel didn’t have a main service disconnect inside nor outside of this particular building (2 condos together). The main for this condo was located up the hill approx. 500ft away. I have inspected lots of condos over the years and this one is the first not to have a main service disconnect on the building. The condo beside this one, also didn’t have a main inside. Any thoughts

Cambridge 073.JPG

Cambridge 130.JPG

The service disconnect is up on the hill. The separate structure, the condo requires a disconnecting means where the feeder conductors enter the building.

Yes, I could believe it

I don’t see a problem other than inconvenience, which, for me, is a problem…lol

As an extreme example, we have 40-story condo towers here. The service disconnects are in the basement or in a secured area in the underground garage. At, say, 15 feet per floor, if you live in the penthouse on the 40th floor, your service disconnect is about 600 feet away.

Is the service disconnect before the meter? Because I don’t see the mandatory EGC(ground wire) run with the panel feed. Is it hidden?

Is the green wire on the left the GEC?