No Peeking!

but but but, thats invasive!

after I gently pushed my screwdriver through the rotted wood, i grinned at the buyer and told her “Guess that just paid for the inspection.” :stuck_out_tongue:
both sides were rotted.

where is the video?! :wink:

Change your “Location:” from flipping breakers to "ripping off the siding in Knoxville…



Lol alright Sean we get it. :wink:

Deal killer…:mrgreen:

Not even tar paper required?
Local contractors that think OSB is water resistant?

Given those parameters I’d be ripping off the siding too!


Working for a Building Contractor for more than 40 years, all I can say is that never have I built a building without some sort of WRB.
That consisted of 15# felt for a long time. \

I faintly remember one house where we used resin paper for a air barrier at best.


Yeah, it just boggles my mind that any jurisdiction wouldn’t require at least felt paper!:shock:

You have not been to Missouri have you?

Nope! One of about five states I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting!