This thing will hurt you!!! Deck Builders got to Love them.

Classic. Save that one.

Only if it doesn’t kill you.

Ahhh…a little duct tape here, a little duct tape there…and she’ll be just fine.

Just fine.

Nice pic… doubt is was a deck builder…unless his name was Harry H.

did You jump up and down on it to see if it moved Buck ?

Those vinyl siding contractors can trim around anything! :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not walk on or under it !!! The canopy was built because, the rear walll was replaced, because of no flashing at the deck ledger board.

I am pretty sure that “you can do it…we can help” thing is not good. Some people can’t do it and are beyond help. Another statistic coming up!

Hey, that looks like Pope’s house…


What part of town was that in?

Cass County, MO

How do permits get issued and signed off on? Holy Cow!! I have seen a few around here that are an issue. One had the main corner support post base set 3 inches inward of the top corner mount and position of the support post so the post was leaning at an angle. At first I thought it was just a little warped, but after investigating and measuring, they actually installed it slanted. The catch is everything else was done very well. :roll:

I see the guardrails off set but from the pictures I am not sure about any of the comments.
What are you guys seeing as wrong specifically?

Can you enlarge the photo?

Buck, I would like to see the post to rim joist connects/footers/guardrail to rim joist/and also the ledger board to see if and what type carriage bolts were used.

Why? Because if you drink while you’re building you can claim to be multi-tasking.