Nice Job


That stuff cuts easy.
Just get a reciprocal saw and carve around it. :slight_smile:

Thats what any good plumber would do.

I don’t know what to say. Wow!! That passed inspection? How? Wow!!! Just Wow!!! How could you, as a breathing human being, finish that and say “Oh yeah, I’m done now. Good thing I know what I’m doing.”

:roll: Normal nowadays.:shock:

Semi Custom Home Dylan, it’s not a defect, it’s a feature. :twisted::wink:

Feature huh? An aesthetic hose bib? I don’t get custom homes out here. Back in Michigan they used to mean a little better quality, at least when we built them.:wink:

The plumber was probably using the normal 1/4" stucco as a guide. :mrgreen:

Geez Brian.
Whats wrong with that?
Thats an AZ anti freeze valve.:stuck_out_tongue:

Has Carl Brown seen this???

Carl is a card carrying Deal Killer Buck, please do not tell him. :smiley:


Blame it on me.

A lot of my opinions come from mistakes mine and others.


Is that EFIS???

C’mon Buck, this hose bib thing is an easy one. You’re complicating this for us.:stuck_out_tongue:


It very well could be but I have made the band on the bottom of a wall like that out of regular old stucco mud…

The finish coat on it could also be an acrylic/EIFS finish material.

Part of the problem is that the plumbers suck them tight to the wall and when the guy that is installing the cladding pulls on them to get behind them they break things inside the house.

At least that is how the stucco guys tell it. :smiley:

The other hose bibs were fine.

If I was a plumber I would tell everyone that would listen that the stucco guy probably pushed it in during the stucco application. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

On another note, could not get the spa tub to come on. The access door gave access to the outlet but not the motor. So the framers put the door in the wrong place, or, the plumbers put the spa motor in the wrong place, or, it was built to the plans and no one really cared.

How about this Carl??? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::shock:

Is that the only one exposed did you dig it out?

curb feelers?