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Hi Guys

Had a couple of nice ones yesterday, this is one that I'd like to share with you. Home was built in 1984, long big ranch style. Buyer's not at inspection but they sent their son-in-law along. He just happens to be an AHJ in neighboring city. Oh Goodie!

We walk down in the basement into a work shop area and hanging smack dead center of the main beam is this. A neon sign with flashing arrows

That's exactly what you see. Now forget about the 2x10 beams and post, that's another issue (ie. DEFLECTION) I have my idiot light out, cable is hot, I'm not opening this. Follow the circuit back to the wall near the door.

Wonderful, fuse block, used, knock-outs missing all over. Took a chance and opened it up.

#8 gauge wire, bare ground used as neutral Flag it ![eusa_eh.gif](upload://ro9kPBBU7ILOA34tTsGzSg7Sl8y.gif)

Went to the main breaker box, located in a storage room almost 60 feet away. That's when it really got good.

You cant see it in the photo, but that #8 is tied to a 60 amp breaker
Needless to say AHJ son-in-law jumping up and down, making sure I got this and got that and dont forget. It was almost like I was the assistant and he was the teacher. End up with over a page of conditions that need attention. And thats just from the pictures that you see. In the end, I flagged the system recommending a complete system evaluation by a Licensed and Qualified Electrician

Next up a real hot tub!


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That's some purty pictures of lectricity. ![eusa_liar.gif](upload://yJLqY2nUokkPgztREQci3k1hplP.gif) Seems like you handled the situation well. Your picture story brings up a good discussion topic.

Once you've seen enough to call it out to a licensed electrician, how detailed does everyone feel that they need to be when writing up the report?

I'm sure there is plenty of debate on what is necessary? I think most of us would agree to take it as far as you can. On the other hand, why bother? Aren't you covered when you referred it out?

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Hi all

Here’s my 2 bob’s worth:

The first fault I find I'd write up
The second fault I'd also write up
The third fault I'd pass it of to a licensed electrician.

Obviously I'm not talking about the odd wonky switch or cracked outlet cover, I'm realy concerned about safety issues and evidence of home owner wiring.



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Personally, once I’ve made the decision to refer the condition out to a contractor of any sort, I become very general and vague icon_rolleyes.gif

"Numerous (or several) conditions were observed having related defects. . . "Recommend further evaluation by licenced (?) contractor . . . "

I've found that when I pin point one or two conditions and THEN recommend further evaluation, the owner or contractor (whomever is responsible) wants to know -

"Why didn't you report anything about this one," or

"Are these the ONLY problems" ![icon_rolleyes.gif](upload://iqxt7ABYC2TEBomNkCmZARIrQr6.gif) and so on, and so on. . .

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Hi guys

This one was unique for me, with having the buyers son-in-law being AHJ and also on the planning board for a neighboring city. He tried to take the lead several times, but I explained how I worked the job area by area and what not. He would go off on his own and do his thing.

What you haven't seen yet is the basement bathroom yet. Also, I tested probably 40-50 receptacles. Over half of them either had reversed polarity or no ground. Also a kitchenette was installed in the basement, water within 24" of power. Way to many problems to try to track them all down.

Like Gerry I work on the same basic principal. Easy things, get them repaired the right way. One like this, way too many problems to mention. Have them call the specialist, its his job to bring the system back to a safe operating level and to code. I try to give them a reason why and then let them know that other major safety items or defects may be uncovered. I heard back from buyers or sellers that the electrician found several other items while tracing down system. Its interesting, I can't recall ever having a complaint from and agent (sellers or buyer) about unsafe electrical systems or having an electrician called.

During the inspection good verbal communication is important. I never say Major Problem or This is really screwed up. I use "We've a situation or condition that's going to need further evaluation, and then explain. Write up the written with the same basic tone. If they an electrician doesn't find anything else, great! If he says Im wrong, "Put it in writing" and I can live with that.