No Service Disconnect

Hi All,

Found this panel this morning full of debris and rust/corrosion on wiring.

There isn’t a main disconnect breaker for the main service panel. Does the six disconnects rule apply here ?

The panel is a GE TL2020RH if that matters.

This panel feeds a sub panel inside the home.


Looks like it does.

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Thanks Roy…

What is the 100 amp breaker for?

Which one?

One is for the inside panel, the other for a shed…

That rule always applies but this panel is not in violation of that. Those two 30-amps are handle-tied so 6 hand movements would shut it all down.

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Agree with Kenton

Kenton is correct.

Let me rephrase this for you.

“There isn’t a service disconnect. Does the six-throw rule apply here?”

“Main” and “service” are synonymous, so calling something a main service is redundant.

The only clarification I would make to Kentons post is with the statement of “six hand movements.” It’s a common term, but can be misleading.

The rule is “six or less breakers/switches or sets of breakers/switches.” In theory, that could be one “hand movement.”