No Shorts aka Red Dogs

I am looking for wording on the bushings? that should be installed in bx installations.
any help?

Red Heads, Red Devil, Anti Short Bushings

thanks joe.
Do you know when when they were required to be installed?

I believe that the early “BX” was double armored and used a brass insert as the bushing to protect the wires from abrasion. If you search these books]( may find what you need.

They were always required, but the material did change over time. Type AC cable (formerly called BX cable) always required the use of anti-short bushings. Type MC cable (very similar in appearance) does not require the use of anti-short bushings. Older type AC cable fittings don’t have the witness ports to inspect for the presence of anti-short bushings as easily as more modern fittings.

In spite of that a box of MC usually comes with a bag of read heads and I will use them

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Hey I like read heads, I married one … and I like those anti-short bushings too