Rubber components in the foundation

I did an inspection on a 2002, 1,400 sq ft home, slab on grade, and noticed some sort of rubber “tubing” exposed in the slab. Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks for any information you can offer. - Tony

Looks like a vinyl or rubber sleeve to protect piping from the foundation material.

Hey Martin, That’s what I thought initially since the first photo is near an exterior hose bib, however, the second photo is nowhere near a hose bib and there is isn’t any water with 10 feet of the pipe on the inside of the home. Does that fact that it’s showing compromise the plumbing in any way?

Anthony Impact could occur to any unprotected drains or waterlines. Once a plumbing component becomes damaged in the slab it’s a very costly repair.

Hey Martin, that makes sense. I could see a weed eater reeking havoc. Thanks for the info!

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Around here they use a similar orange sleeve/tubing for mostly all slab penetrations, including DWV (think vent going up near this spot), etc.

More recent builds like this one, sometimes have tubing running from bottom to top to pull wires, etc. that might be added at some later date. A slab-on-grade might have a tube in the slab for pushing some wires from one area to another. A clue that it is for that, is if there is a string in the tube.