No trip Zinsco

Had an odd one late last night 1961 Zinsco 20 A circuit was in a tripped position upon arrival, but still energized, it would not reset to the ON position or turn off. Labeling was long gone so I couldn’t identify exactly what it was servicing.

Besides the obvious RR any ideas on why this occurred or what may have caused it?


I’ll bet the the bus bar behind it is melted and the breaker is fused to it.

Not specifically at this breaker location but the 3 above it that appeared functional and unaffected were or starting too. :shock: :shock: :shock:

This panel is being replaced in the very near future, like today!

Anyone needing these pics to make a point to client, broker or realtor…feel free to use them, credit me or not, it’s way too important

This is one of the problems with Zinsco. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon. It has nothing to do with the bus bars or the connection to the breaker. It’s, quite simply, a deficient breaker.

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Thanks for the reply

Any time. . .

I didn’t see your specific scenario mentioned here, but there is an allegation(?) of the circuit not being deactivated when the breaker is turned off.

I have personally seen this “specific scenario” on many occasions. It is a common problem with Zinsco breakers.

I have inspected well over 100 Zinsco panels and have not noticed that issue in the past. I will certainly watch more closely for it from now on.

Thanks for the heads up.

As many as we have in CA, I’m sure it won’t be long before you notice this condition. . .

Those are some damn good pictures Barry…:smiley:

What do you put in your report Senor’ Zinsco…:lol: :lol:

It’s odd you have never posted any of the problems you have come across with these gems…:lol:…:lol:…:lol:


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Stay tuned. More will be revealed. This case is really starting to “heat-up”, if ya know what I mean :wink:

That is not only a great set of pictures, but explains well the situation you came across…

I would just like to add that this situation (a breaker tripping and still in the closed position) is not subject just to zinsco/fedpacific type breakers. I have been in the industry a few years, and I have come across this many times with all brands of CBers.
Just a …“be careful” post.