Zinsco Question

I know the breakers don’t always trip when needed on these JP specials, but is it a defect just to have one in a home?


Hi Erol,

them being slow to trip is the least of the problems, the real issue is a poor contact between the breaker and its bus, this leads to overheating and potential arcing. I would recommend further evaluation as a minimum.



Thanks! I’ve been fortunate to have only stumbled across two of these. :shock:


Interesting, the same link I added to my report earlier. :cool: That’s a very informative web site.

I’m still under somewhat of a “gag-order,” so I won’t comment other than to say “good post Gerry” :mrgreen:

I agree, Dan has beem a great source of information over many years, however we have similar information with our own electrical course, I will talk to Chris about releasing some of that into the public domain, if need be I will re-write a consumer information piece that we can all link to in reports, if there is enough interest I’ll cover aluminum wiring as well.



That’s nice. A guy from the ‘valley’ helps out and get’s beat with sticks. :frowning: :wink:

Previously, as a “home inspector,” I recommended “further evaluation by a licensed electrician before close of escrow.”

Now, as a “property consultant,” I recommend “replacing the Zinsco electric panel with a modern one.”

I like being a property consultant better because I can actually use my 43 years of knowledge and experience in real estate.