Non-glazed opening protection question

I completed a wind mit inspection and the opening protection rating was A1. The client had the following question:

Would installing a wide-lens peep hole (similar to this… on the front door affect the current A1 rating?

It seems ridiculous that THIS would affect his A1 rating. However, a hole will have to be drilled through the impact rated front door so the wide-lens peep hole can be installed. It is my understanding that once the hole is drilled, the impact rating of the door is compromised. This is similar to impact rated panels being installed directly onto an impact rated door with non-impact rated glass. Once the fasteners are drilled into the door the impact rating is compromised. Same with pet doors.

I understand I cannot tell him how his premiums may or may not be affected and the decision is ultimately the underwriters to make. However, I am curious if anyone else had any experience with these wide-lens peep holes and if others see it the same way or differently.


I would not take away A1 for it but I am sure there are those that would disagree.

I tend to agree with that. Unless someone points to something definitive to the contrary (not sure I have ever used a phrase like that!), I would give them that.

Nothing is definitive apparently. We cannot even agree what a perimeter is.

That device wouldn’t disqualify the door IMO…too small to matter.

Thanks all for your responses. The client’s inspection is completed. A1 will not change. But he is considering installing this wide-lens peep hole and is concerned about future inspections and/or reinspections.

I agree with you. But here’s the thing…the penetration (about 2.5" in diameter) for the peep hole would be much larger than penetrations created by fasteners installed directly to a door (when installing shutters directly on a door with glass). I was told by an underwriter some time ago that once the impact rated door is penetrated (installing shutters, pet doors, etc.) the impact rating of the door would be invalidated because any Product Approval or NOA associated with the door would no longer apply to the door in its altered condition. If anyone has heard otherwise or if I am missing something please let me know.

I would ignore the peep hole as long it is an actual store bought peep hole.

I just love that we can all just make this s h i t up based on whatever crap we “feel” The American friggen way :slight_smile:

Not kidding I like it this way.

In other words if you cut a large hole in the door and call it a peep hole then, no I would not ignore it.

so says the tool :wink:

Another scientific opinion for the masses to follow. Call it a declaration and more will buy it :wink: :twisted:

I don’t really see how this would completely invalidate the approval, but technically you may be right. Pet doors are a different story on a non-glazed door (now it’s a glazed door). The lockset holes are only 1/8" smaller than this peephole, and most of the impact rating has to do with the installation to the wall and the length of the strike plate screws, etc. Do you check the screw length too? I also don’t believe there is much of a difference in credit between A1 and A2 or even A3 with most carriers outside the HVHZ. The door would still remain a non-glazed door even if the approval was voided.

When I have an “opinion” I call it an “opinion” and I do not have an “opinion” on everything like some others.

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Opinions except when you call them DECLARATIONS :slight_smile: Remember that one you tried to get by?

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I have been wrong more than once.

I once thought I was wrong -but I was mistaken.

I failed to mention that this was in the HVHZ so keeping the A1 rating is important to the homeowner.

It is funny you mentioned this (not much of a difference between A1, A2 and A3 outside of the HVHZ) because that has been my experience too up until about 6 to 9 months ago. Every so often now, I am hearing that homeowners are not getting credit for A3 and must improve to A1 for a credit. I should keep track of the insurance company (or companies) doing this but I haven’t.

I would like to know how exactly how the opening credits work too. I do know that Citizens does not have a breakdown of A (at least it didn’t on my house - Exposure C). It is either A, B, C, or X. And, there is little or no credit for C.

God bless you Meeker lol. Yea I would give him the credit but let him know its a gamble since the next inspector might decide to takes sides with big moneybags insurance, depending on how far their zircon MT6 is up their glazed opening.