Wind Mitigation Inquiries

This one always bothers me. On the form lets say they have no opening protections for the windows/glazed openings but the garage and doors are impact rated. Are you guys checking the box on the chart as D or N while then clicking X for glazed openings in the chart and the bottom of the form or do you just go with X for the garage and doors as well? I know its all or nothing when it comes to the discount but I always worry the client will be upset if they have verified non glazed garage and entry doors and I click X on the chart for it instead of the A,B, D or N .

I use the chart as a guideline and I mark everything as it should be. The form clearly states to use the chart to determine the weakest form of protection for all glazed openings.


The weakest link is how the entire structure will be rated.

It used to be how much good stuff you got.
The state changed the form to weakest link.
If they didn’t, many carriers were gonna leave the state.
Then we all end up with Citizens the state run carrier…
PS… the state doesn’t want to be in the insurance business anymore.

Fill it out as it is asking. You can still select “A” for the garage door and entry door if they are impact rated, but then select “x” for the glazed openings.

I dont think it will do them any good, but mark it anyways.

However, I have never come across an impact rated non-glazed door when the windows are not impact.

It will help you if you stop worrying or thinking about “discounts”, and just perform the verification as listed on the form (like others have stated).
So, basically, be as accurate as possible and let things get sorted out by the underwriters.


I always add photos of every different opening protection. Today I had half impact rated windows, one rated sliding glass door, one rated glazed door, one glazed door no protection and a handfull of windows with hardware for storm panels. I included all the photos of each. I also documented that the storm panels were present and documented the unrated garage door. They still got marked as an x. I do this so if / when they want to add protection to the items missing, i can go back to the report to and know what needs to be corrected ( when they ask because they forgot). I can then edit that item instead of the whole report when I do the reinspection. If the garage door is rated then mark it as such, why would’nt you. It will still be an x, but accurate. I see so many wind mits with seven photos, if that ( my least amount is 26). I had to do a wind mit the other day where the previous inspector gave an A rating and decided to ignore a skylight. I told my client she may want to call the previous guy because she was going to lose the A if i did it, and didn’t bother to charge her ( also marked a strap for a clip and didnt look at the three toe nails in a row right next to it). I did a wind mit for an HOA with 47 units. I inspected all 47 building. The previous wind mit they had on file has the same 7 photos for every building. They were actually all different built at different times by different builders. It is absolutely insane what is going on out there. I apologize for the rant and long winded reply. With the way insurance companies are acting now, these half assed inspections are going to have consequences. They will no longer be getting away with what they used to, thankfully.

To each their own, but why waste your time? I seriously doubt the insurance agent is going to look at any of those photos. All they care about is that the rating is still an “x”.
The home could have impact windows on every single opening except the glazing at the front door, and I don’t include any pics of windows. I just mark "x"n and tell the client what needs to be done if they want the discount…

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Once they fix the opening that wasn’t protected you would come back out to update the report and now must go back and include the photos that you originally skipped. I would rather spend more time at the originally scheduled inspection and be in and out at the follow up. Also, most agents do not actually look at the photos. They just click the box that correspond to what we mark. The photos are to protect us that what we marked is accurate and was verified.

Actually, the underwriters look at the photos (not the agents selling the policy), so all the REQUIRED photos must be present, but any extra or possibly superfluous ones–who knows.


I understand that. The previous gentleman mentioned agents looking at the photos which is the reason for the comment. I do not understand how documenting what is present would be considered superfluous.

I don’t know what the other party/reply was referring to, but I base that on your statement that your Wind Mit’s have a minimum of 26 photos. That’s way more than most need. (Although I agree that I’ve seen many with too few pix, that’s for sure).

I was referring to having photos that have no effect whatsoever on the policy. When there is just one window without protection, then all the other photos of windows are pointless, because they will still only get the “x” ratng anyways.
Why bog down the report for the underwriters.

I understand your point on having the photos. I usually take them as well, but just keep them for my files, and then simply tell the client if they fix the last opening, I can update the report.

The only required photos in a wind mit are the ones to prove each section.

If I have a home that has “x” rating, It will typically include 6 photos.