2015 house with custom front door

I just inspected a 2015 house with impact glazing everywhere. All window & door assemblies were rated. However, the front door had laminated glass and the door itself was a custom 1000+ lb. wood door. Opening the door felt like opening a bank vault. Since the door is custom built and does not have an NOA or FL #, would the home not qualify for A1 on the wind mitigation form?

Yep they are screwed. Got to protect the whole opening with rated product. Those type of doors are not rated because no one wants to destroy, or at least mess up one to test it :frowning:

You have to do a little bit of digging. I will bet you there is an engineering or an architectural certificate stating that that door is impact rated. Not all doors need to have an NOA to have the impact rating especially if they are special order.

Check with the builder he may have documentation for it. I install many entry systems that are approved but not labeled.

A lot of custom doors have local approvals for them. Check with the builder or building dept for the documentation. Chances are, that door is rated, but Bill Siegel may disagree :p.

I would bet a shilling that it is not if I knew what a shilling was. :(.

Can Local City inspectors make judgement calls without NOA’S?

Mike , no. In architect or an engineer can submit the paperwork without an NOA. The building department will usually approve them if they meet all the criteria.if you do some research on this one and get the plans or go to the building department I’m sure you’ll find supporting documentation

Not without engineering. A local approval is a valid approval by an engineer for each installation of a custom product. Many one of kind doors will need one if installed in FL. I seriously doubt that a 2015 house had a non-approved door like that installed.

Could have been replaced after they removed their big ole Benchmark III’s and they had been inspected ?? :slight_smile:

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