Wind Mitigation Wood Panel question

I’ve always been curious about what actually happens from the agent/underwriter when we check Appears to be impact rated. I recently did a home on the water built in 2002 but with a permit application from 2000 that is all impact rated except the front door which had wood panels for and I explained to the customer I have to check the weakest form which is the wood panels. I was also not above to verify any of the impact glass but it 100% was impact rated as these areas have to be built with impact rated glass now but I guess that wouldnt matter considering I had to check wood panels for the front door anyways.

Are the front doors glazed or non-glazed?
What is the question?

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sorry got a bit offtrack… Front door was glazed and not impact rated but he had the bolt attachments and wood on site. So I must go by weakest form and check wood panels for glazing correct?

Perhaps the plywood was secured to impact/wind requirements.
If so, then all glazed openings are protected.

If the plywood was not installed properly (doubt it was), then the selection
would be “N” on page 4.
one or more glazed openings are protected with protective coverings not meeting the requirements of A-B-C or systems that appear to meet A-B with no documentation of compliance

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Unfortunatly for the owner, C is the correct answer even though the statement is false. “All Glazed openings…”. The form really needs to be revised so that a better description of the protection can be reported. Maybe just add an A, B, C, N.4. check box for Glazed openings instead of only Non-Glazed. But as we know the insurance commision is made up of former insurance execs. The next to the last thing they want to do is discount a policy.