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Took the boat out for a couple hours in Naples yesterday, and caught a couple of these. Best time to fish here is in the fall.


Good review Eric. Nice red Ronald! Ok guys, feel free to keep this thread going. I will definitely post pics, stories, and whatever when we get back. I can’t wait! Thanks for the tips.

Have fun Travis!!

Thanks Greg! Thanks for the reply on the thermal imaging question that I asked too, by the way.

No fish pictures yet :frowning:

Now get out there and get some!

I’m not going until Halloween. I did catch a good size jack in the surf the other day here.

Sorry about the shirtless photo.

And the sideways of it.

Tomorrow is the day! Still packing and getting ready. Will let you guys know how everything goes.

Be ready for the traffic, fantasy festival going on in key west. Travel in off peak hours, early or late, or better yet go mid week.:wink:

Have a great time!

Stop by Alabama Jacks on the way down/up.

Leave early…you should already be gone…!

If you get the chance, go to Fantasy Fest…but it isn’t for the kiddies! :wink:

Mmmmmm 1/3 Bisquick 2/3 all purpose flour.

Season enough so it tastes good :slight_smile:

Deep fry till golden brown.

You all can thank me when you try it :slight_smile: Use eggs and a tad of buttermilk for the wet that makes the flour concoction stick. You can also add flavoring at this point. Liquid hot sauce, pepper juice or bits, honey etc…

Use Shortening or Lard instead of any oil.

It will keep indoor oders lower and mixture will hold up longer before burning out" No Longer Fries Eveningly".

Alright guys, got back on Saturday, sorry about the late post. We had a killer time in Big Pine, despite the hard wind all week. Wind made fishing really hard, but managed a little bit anyway. Got a bunch of short yellowtails, a real nice hogfish on hook and line, a really big mango snapper, some cero mackerel, short red grouper, managed a few keeper lobster out of the million shorts that I saw, and had a great time off the water as well. The deer at the house are a sight to see. Went to Key West one day and took the two year old on the sightseeing trolley, which me and the wife loved as well, ate some ok food at Hog’s Breath, watched some street performers at sunset and had a blast watching my little guy chase the roosters around. Islamorada another day to feed tarpon, which the two year old also loved, and went to the World Wide Sportsman to shop around and look at Hemmingway’s boat. Got bummed out on the way out, because of the weather putting a damper on the fishing, but went to Bob’s Buns (Islamorada Bakery and Restaurant) on the way home for a killer breakfast. Can’t wait to go back again, pics to come - although I didn’t take that many, too busy with everything else. Thanks for all of your responses.

Glad you had a great time.
Bobs Buns did our wedding cake! We were there for three hours…tasting different cakes and other items! :mrgreen:


They did ours also!! That was a killer time tasting cakes. We think we got the key lime cake with a raspberry filling.

Also forgot to mention that I snapped both axels on my boat trailer on the way home in West Palm on the turnpike! I made it to the service station before anything bad happened, but had to get a flat bed to tow the boat and trailer from West Palm to Daytona. That hurt the pocket. Now I get to re do the axels. Luckily we have the Sea Tow trailer package, so they kicked in, but was still expensive.

Key Lime cake with Vanilla icing…no filling!