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What’s up guys. This isn’t an inspection related post, but a Florida related one. Florida Keys to be more specific. I’m coming down to Big Pine for a week at the end of October/ beginning Of November with the family. Been going to Islamorada for years, but has been about 4-5 years since I’ve been. Never stayed in Big Pine, but have always wanted to, so I’m really excited. We are renting a house, bringing the boat, and plan on fishing, relaxing, and just generally having a good time showing our two year old the best place in the world! Just didn’t know if there was anyone down that way that wouldn’t mind giving a fellow inspector a few Lower Keys fishing advice. Not anything specific, just general stuff. And any things to do around town. I sure would appreciate it, and I’m looking forward to this trip big time!

This post is about makin me jealous.

What kind of fishing are you looking to do?

I know that there should be some wahoo around. I want some grouper, snapper and snook as well. The house that we are getting is situated pretty well to fish offshore and backcountry real easily, so hoping for a mixed bag.

Well we expect to see pictures since you have thread about it. If you ever do a charter out of Islamorada, I can recommend Capt. Leupold of the Yabba Dabba Do. My boys and I caught a bunch of sailfish with them on New Year’s eve some years ago.

Do you know of the famous Mini-Whitetails?

Cool Chuck, I’ll have to look them up some time. A little far for this trip, but I do love Islamorada. I will definitely post some pics and reports. Hopefully we don’t get skunked.

I do know of them Meeker. Apparently they are always at this house.

The locals will frown on you if you BBQ them too.

You are in the right place.

My parents own land on Bogie channel which allows access to the ocean or back country.

Just head out a few miles until you get into 300 feet of water and start trolling ballyhoo. You can add a chum bag at the transom if you like.

Weed lines and debris you will find dolphin and in the clear water, you will get Wahoo, which is a very good eating fish.

At the bridges, you can anchor and use live pin fish and you will catch grouper. You can also troll for grouper on the backside with Barracuda strips…on the ocean side, you will certainly catch at least one cuda. You may also catch a Bonita, which are great for bait, bloody and a tough skin like the cudas.

Lobster are abundant on both sides, don’t be afraid to snorkel near the mangroves or seawalls.

You can probably sit at the dock at night and catch snapper. I know we did! :slight_smile:

For trolling, I use six foot rods with Penn International 30s. You can use them anywhere! 30 lb high vis line.

For reef fishing or anchor fishing, I use Shakespeare rods and reels with 20 lb. test. (the dark green camouflage type line)

On one trip with my Father for his birthday a few years back, we got 4 groupers, six snappers, and 7 dolphins…on the first day! The next day, I collected 18 lobsters. The remaining 5 days were spent eating and drinking! :slight_smile:

I just got back from a three day trip with friends in Islamirada, and I caught 3 lobsters, 2 tunas, and a dolphin.

If you want lobsters, find lobster pots in the shallow water, 10-15 feet, and look for circles of grass. They like to hide in there. We had the brownies third lung so it was decided to go deeper, 60 feet.

After I left, the guys went to the shallows and got six lobsters in one hour.

I forgot, there are reefs right off shore where you can get Yellowtail. I use the 20lb test line/rods and either shrimp or cuda strips.

Download I heart radio app and search 103.1 sun wkyz, everyday at noon there is a current fishing report

WOW! Thanks for the great info. We are staying on the next channel south from bogie. Looks like this is gonna be a killer trip. I can’t wait!

That is a killer idea. I am definitely going to do that. Thanks for that. I never would have thought of that.

This works as well:

If you get the chance, and you have a fairly fast boat, you can run up to the Tiki bar sandbar on Saturday. Lot’s of “sights” to see! :wink:

If you want to start out with a bang, start trolling just inside the reef and go out, don’t go to far, you’ll past the fish. Between the Busch wreck and American Shoal from 60 to 110 feet about 1 1/2 miles east of the light is some very good bottom for snapper and grouper. Has always been good for me.

Oh by the way, I lived between Big Pine and Bay Point for 25 years and owned and operated 5 charter boats for 19 years at Dolphin Marina, Little Palm Island and Summerland Key Marina. Good luck

Have Fun and keep your distance. Kind of like manatees with the FWC. Get some cool picts.

Oh yea! Gotta hit the sand bar!
Right after the noon fishing report, it’s the lunch buffet two local artists followed bt a jimmy buffet song until 1pm. It’s on now;)

Thanks for the help guys. Eric, we are actually going to be on Bogie. I thought we were the next one south. We are on Warner Street.

Probably won’t make it up to the sandbar, the boat can do it, but the wife doesn’t really like long rides like that. I will definitely post some pics when we get back. I can’t wait for this trip, it’s much needed. The prep work is tiring though, with getting everything ready. Oh well, first world problems right?

Have fun, I love it down there can’t wait to get back. Have a safe trip.

Then you are on the “sweet spot”! :wink:
You should have a great time if the weather is good. If not…20 minutes from Key West! :slight_smile:

Hard to believe this was five years ago: