HIP tutoring

Are there any Inspectors using HIP in the Manatee County area that would be willing to help us get started using this software? I will drive.Bfast or lunch or dinner on me. Maybe one or two mock inspections?

Hi Curtis,

Post this on the HIP board too and send me an email. There’s a few guys in your area that you can ask.

Hey Curtis,
I’m in Port Saint Lucie. Not sure where Palmeto is. Let me know if I can help.

Jay, Thank you. We are on the other coast,south end of Tampa Bay.I see you fish? You guys have BIG snook over there. I will contact you when we get caught up and see if we can work it out. I will bring a rod and a boat if needed for an office to meet in. Thanx again

I live in NJ. If your bringing the rod and the boat, I’m in!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Curtis, Call me.I live in Palmetto, I will help you all I can.

James , I here the Bluefish are crazy up there but N.J. is too far north for me. If you make it south look me up and we will get-em. Ken I will call you Saturday. We have fished together you and Scott rescued a stranded family that evening. It is a small World. LOL

Sounds great Curtis, If you want snook, will take your boat. If you want sails will take mine. Last summer, we were realing two to three sails a day.
As far as the program, I am very happy with it. Super user friendly. Dominc is excellent help with everything. Very adaptable to your specific style and needs.

I would love to get a Sail . They arent a target here except for a few. When wego Offshore we target Grouper. I am going to buy it just hard to let go of $ . LOL. Dominic has responded like I am his only Client. Ken is close and I have hired his son several times but we do need to rip some lips. Thank you Jay.

Your not kidding about the Dominics reaponse. Dominic is very quick to help.
The price isn’t cheap. But, you don’t have the additional cost of an additional expensive program to run his software. Another Insp. program I was considering required a program that my system didn’t have-would been another 200.

Either way, It saves me huge amounts of time. My pics fill my reports and the clients love it.
Haven’t you tried the free demo?

We have played around with it but I have done a long form almost letter style reports and it is not conductive to doing full time inspections.We have been almost oblivious to the world outside LOL. and need to get with the Program HAHA. We have looked at several templates and like most. Look forward to it. Dominic and most on this site are true pros and am glad to be part

Wait, I want to go fishing too! Who is taking their boat around to California? Or I’ll meet you down in San Felipe and we can go fish in Baja.

Dominic, Sounds good to me. My Buddy Moved there just to fish for Tuna. He has some stories. If you make it to Fl. we all should go.

If you get over to Florida let us know. After all the help you gave me just picking out my computer, I definately owe you a fishing trip!

DOM show me your remote trick and I’ll help whoever right here in IRAQ.

Definitely. I’ll make my way to Florida :slight_smile:

Billy, I appreciate that. The remote is great, I’ve helped people in 15 different countries. The funny thing is I can connect to users in South Africa that some guys in the states. There are a few programs out there that you can use for free. I’ll look one up for you.

Sounds great. Send me the exe file to usairmen@gmail.com

Once I get up and running you can refer people to me for help if needed.


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That’s awesome. Who finally won and who were they playing?