love Sunday's

Caught this on Sunday :mrgreen: Love livin in the keys… 60LBS. 5’6" long. Caught in only 45 ft. of water.

Sail Fish 7.jpg

Very nice! I love going deep sea fishing. I try to head down to San Felipe every few summers and taking a week trip, though that’s mainly yellowtail and grouper. Haven’t been marlin fishing in years.

I have lived here for four years and that is only the third time I have been out to fish.

So, Robert, if you let me know the next time you go (in about 16 months according to my calculations) maybe I could join ya. What a great catch . . . how long did it take to bring it in?

Robert, that is really mean of you to torture me like that! :wink: Good catch! 1980 off of Marathon Key, I saw a 11’ 357 LB Marlin,and caught 5’ Nurse Shark, Bookoo’s of Jacks, Grouper,Spanish Mackerel and Snappers, plus a 65’ head only of a Jew fish, Speared some Flounders, Groupers and went after a Huge Barracuda that kept following me with a Speargun,(One of the dumbest things I’ve ever done) and got robbed and mobbed by about 20 Cuban women who could only say in broken english; “sella fish,sella fish”. I’m jealous! Awesome place to live! My brother was stationed at HAFB, he used to fish off of the old bridge with his Warn Winch with a whole chicken for bait for Jewfish(Grouper over 200’) :smiley:

This one took me about 45 mins to get in. This is the first Sail fish for me. I am deffinetly hooked.

Guys anytime you want to come down and go fishing let me know. I love to go. I usually do a little fishing and then stop off at the reef and do some diving, then stop at the tiki bar to finish off the catch.