Non Subscription / Web Inspection Software

Does anyone know if there is a non web or subscription based report writing program out there anywhere.

I like the subscription software I am using (Homegauge) but have no need for most of their services and no need to upload my reports.

I have HomeGauge as well and I don’t pay a subscription fee. I bought it outright. Is it not available that way anymore?

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Welcome to our forum, Edward!..Enjoy the energy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Our very own Kenton Shepard wrote about different software and many give you free reports to try out.

Check it out: Choosing Software – InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library

@rkenney I bought it in 2019 . I do not use the web service.

Edward, I would contact Homegauge. And, a helpful hint; the software typically goes on sale around November.

home inspection pro software is a desktop software, no subscription, unless you want their mobile software also or their office software. You can pay for it outright. Nachi members get a discount. just buy it through inspector outlet store.

it has tone of built in narratives and graphics. the default template is built off the Nachi SOP. I like it allot. no extra fee’s ever after the initial purchase.

they have a demo you can download I believe.

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