Nordyne SEER Question

Hey Y’all,

Can someone help me ID the SEER on this outdoor Heat Pump unit?

Model: VT5BD-030KA
Serial: VTF141006694
Manufactured in 2014



What about the year (2014) I bolded in your post here above?

It says 13 seer online

My apologies. I was thinking you missed the year staring you in the face. :confused:

OP. Remember that is the SEER rating for the unit, not the system.

I must not be looking in the right place. Can you send the link? I need it as well.



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Where did you find this reference?

I have another one.

American Standard
S: 3472DC42V

do you have a picture of the data plate

See attached.


Heritage 12.pdf (966 KB)

Thats what I thought you sent the air handler model # at first.

The seer rating on this unit is 11.3


How did you determine this?

I need to cite the reference.

Much appreciated.

Reuven Walder
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Preston’s Guide

Got me curious. See last page (posted all for future reference).

How about HSPF for each Heat Pump?

I do not have that information.