Normal Stuff We See....


Grant it…it fails in comparison to Jeff’s images…tehhehehe…sorry Jeff…but this is the normal crap I see on a daily basis…lol


Some days I wish things were that nice. . .

lol…no crap…That one is easy to write up…lol

Hey Paul:

What do you think about this “crap”?

What do you think about this crap?

Miniature Sub Panels

David, how did you get that shot behind RR’s desk :mrgreen:

If I were to choose best “crap”…David would get it.

:roll: and to think, most Mass electricians are union.

And I often wonder, why bother running it though the junction boxes anyway? I mean, what is the point? Why not just splice it and let it hang. Why go to the trouble of mounting a box, slipping the wires through it and then leave the covers off? I guess half way is better than half assed? Or is it the same? Human nature is just plain odd. :shock: