What do you see here??

This was yesterdays inspection.

You gotta love remodels.


They just need a midget electrician for future work…:roll:

I see it as a violation of the NEC. workspace violation and not accessable

THAT is classic.

I thought panels were allowed to be located in garages.:cool:

Somebody forgot to install the lazy susan is what I see. LOL

I can see it now…

Wife: Honey? Would you do me a favor and get me the pretzels inside the the pull up door cabinet.

Hubby: Sure, Sweetheart.


Wife: What was that noise, Honey?

[The room remains quiet.]

Wife: Honey, what was that noise?

[You can hear a pin drop]…


Hi scott,
that bread cabinet gives a whole new meaning to “toast”!

good find!


A small appliance barn with a bite.

Hope a circuit breaker doesn’t trip on them! :shock:

How could anyone be that stupid?

Here is the rest of the panel, the only way I could see it was with my camera.

On top of this, the homeowner turned on the water supply to the dishwasher, flooded the kitchen, and shut off the well pump breaker. Then after all was cleaned up, I went to look at the breaker box and could hear the well pump breaker shorting internally and was hot.:shock: I haven’treceived any feedback yet from the buyer about requesting to have the panel relocated.

That kitchen renovation contractor belongs in jail or school. I’m not sure which one.

Contractor,(hey, I got a idea)

More like greedy

Well I am glad to know that there is more than one dumb person in the world perhaps they should start a consulting firm.

This was from back in Feb this panel was in the corner of the kitchen with the cabinets built around it. no way to take the dead front off without removing a cabinet from the wall


I have one for you guys also. The dead front was not even close to properly seating on the box… Could have stuck a finger in between dead front and breakers…:frowning:

I used “Pam” no stick spray to shove my head in and kiss some breakers…:smiley:

Good thing it was in the cabinet…:wink: