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Remember Whistler

Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

New Construction Inspection (NCI)

]( Canadian Home Inspectors - Are you currently providing inspection services on newly constructed homes?
Now available in Ontario… New Construction Inspection (NCI) Protocol and On-line Training Progra

The program focuses on performing inspections of new homes either at or after the Pre-Delivery Inspection phase. Emphasis is placed on understanding the process and working with home builders, the Tarion Warranty Program, municipalities and most importantly - homeowners, to provide value in a consistent and professional manner.

The course is now available through a self-paced online delivery format. Participants will take a timed online examination on completion of the program. Results will be available immediately after finishing the exam. Upon successful completion of the program, which includes passing the exam, participants will receive a “Letter of Completion” leading to the credential - **CAHPI New Construction Inspector **after successful completion of the Report Review process.

With the training program now being officially handed off to the OAHI for delivery to its members we thank all the groups and individuals that have contributed so much to this project and invite Associate & RHI members to take advantage of this training opportunity.

Visit today to view the course at a glance.

Please note: The Introductory Fee of $400.00+HST until April 30, 2011 is for the Pilot Phase. There is also a survey at the end of the course to help us assess any strengths and weaknesses with the course.
Starting May 01, 2011 the Regular Fee will be $500.00+HST

Registration form available on (members site)

May be this is where the missing $60K from CAHPI went?

As I recall PHPIC is or has developed its own NCI to compete with the CAHPI-OAHI version.

"Participants will take a timed online examination on completion of the program. Results will be available immediately after finishing the exam. "

Is this “online” exam proctored? Wasn’t it certain CAHPI and ASHI folks biotchin about the online NACHI exam?

This course is a CE course. The INACHI online course certifies one as a home inspector without any proctoring, a TIPR, mentoring, a substantial minimum # of real inspections, etc, etc. A government official (who someone claimed recently- they know nothing about home inspection) I talked to recently passed the online test first time… he claimed he has no construction industry experience but does watch a bit of HGTV!

Brian J.

Yup an online course with an immediate computerized results.

Now here are a few more interesting points:

The SOP have not been amended.
Home inspectors do not do code inspections on pre-listing or resales.

What contract provisions will members include to protect themselves?

Its only a visual examination, it is not a progressive inspection observing the constrution.

What E&O coverage will be provided by insurers if any? Is Tarion attempting to reduce risk and any liabilities by placing inspectors in between itself and the consumer?

It does raise further questions on the motive and delivery of a course by a less than ethical body given the seriousness of the financial concerns.

That lump under the rug just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger!

Tarion is not involved. Tarion has not approved of this course and does not promote it. Tarion has no agreement with OAHI, CAHPI or any home inspection organization. If you look closely, the announcements have at times included a reference to Tarion, but that is all. That’s done to pretend it’s all wonderful and that somehow Tarion is in favour of it.

The two biggest reasons this course and ‘credential’ has been started is to make sure CAHPI did not lose some Ontario Government grant money (which I secured for CAHPI two years ago) that was in jeopardy unless they could showed some results in Ontario. The other reason is that CAHPI across the country has been striking some rather unholy deals with Carson Dunlop that ensure more CD courses are sold, (at the expense and exclusion of other course providers) and in return at least three and now maybe more of the provincial associations receive substantial kickbacks.

There has been no real concern about whether or not the new home courses and subsequent credential have any merit. Like most things, it’s all about the money.

Bill Mullen

One last thing.

Yes, the online exam will be proctored. At least they got that right.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill. Thats all I wanted to know. My question wasn’t posted to stir anything up.

How are they doing the proctoring?

Personnel and facilities at community libraries have always been available for that purpose, as well as community colleges and some high schools. I’m not sure what arrangements have been made by OAHI, but those are some of the methods used by the NHICC to ensure objective proctoring.

Bill Mullen

Just to let you know, I contacted the Registrar at OAHI (of which I am a Student member - although not for long!) in order to register for this course. Guess what. It is only available to Associates and RHI’s. If I don’t want to pay the rip-off fees that OAHI want to move up the ladder, then I can’t get the additional training that is available. I’ve already completed the C.D. course and hold a college certificate, not to mention my 30 yrs. of construction and renovation experience.

So Graham… how is OAHI treating you or should I say; not treating you? :wink:

I just checked, their course is not IDECC certified for distance education. Proctoring the exam of an uncertified course doesn’t make it valid. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into developing a valid distance learning course. You can’t just put classroom course material online.

And it has been like this in this Canadian industry for 20 years.

Industry leaders. Uh-huh. Not so much . . . .

Why would anyone believe anything CAHPI/OAHI puts out information wise. I and others have proved repeatedly they don’t operate above board.

The last gaff which remains uncorrected was the COO telling the media that CAHPI/OAHI licences home inspectors!

For once I have to agree with Bill Mullen’s critical posting about the latest CAHPI attempt to create another no good for nothing designation. The one and only beneficiaries might be the course providers - but only if they are able to attract enough naive pupils prepared to waste $500.00 on 16 hours of warmed-over wisdom.

Anyone who has been seriously in the inspection business for an extended period of time will have to agree that the request from the public for “New Home Inspection” has been far and in between for decades - and that nothing will change as long as Consumers are being brainwashed into believing that the mandatory New Home Warranty protects their interest - and that TARION is in fact an unbiased insurance administrator.

The only time I have ever made real money from inspecting new homes - and without objections from hostile builders or their representatives - has been when I was authorized by law firms to carry out “Pre-Delivery Inspections” on behalf of their absentee purchasers from Hong Kong.

After the real estate boom cycle came to an end - I have never made any income of consequence from inspecting new homes.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired