Not cold enough...Eh?

Inspection today. Driveway unplowed. Dragged equipment over 3 feet of snow up to house. Walked around house in snow up to waist.

Hand so cold after 2 minutes can’t move fingers. Blow on hands to warm up, then fingers freeze to metal body of camera. Wind just blowing. Temperature checked at this point… -38C/-36F. Was going to cry but was afraid what my tears would do.

Got into house and went to check furnace first. Turned temperature up to 80. Left it there for the rest of inspection.

Any Australian, Hawaiian or South American inspectors need any help?

Wow, that is real determination, good for you bud.

Had one yesterday with wind blowing 30 mph with 5 degree temps outside. I got inside the to find that the house and boiler was winterized.