Winter Gear

I am now outfitted with proper logo gear for those brisk Los Angeles area winter mornings, and the El Nino rains. home inspection gear. #RealEstate #homeinspection #homeinspector #losanglesrealestate #losangles #sanfernandovalley #srar #elnino2016 by Ian Mayer, on Flickr


I bought long sleeve shirts and a jacket for “winter” too.

You Southern California guys are funny. You don’t have any idea what cold weather is like.

But that is OK. It would be nice to only have to put a sweater on now and then.

Stay warm Cream Puff’s! :mrgreen::wink:

My preferred winter gear.


winter gear, that is my spring / fall gear…

Oh, I know winter. I used to live in Park City, UT. So I appreciate our “winters”. :slight_smile:

Had to break out my fleece last week too. :lol:

It was about 15 degrees this morning. That isn’t bad but it was windy which made it feel much colder.

I’m ready for the beach and a cruise in 3 weeks!

*Poosies… *:razz:

-17 YUK! Sunny and 72 with a nice breeze here today:lol:, although we were awakened this morning by tornado warnings and heavy thunderstorms. Oh as I’m writing a cloud came in with some shade;)

Add in the wind chill… **-36f… **That makes a 110f degree difference between us! :shock:

Cold front just came through down to 67:p
That explains why it just got so windy! …Just blew my office window in…:shock: I caught it with the back of my hand or I would have had a head injury, gonna have a bruise on my knuckles. Glad I was sitting here or the window would have most likely broken and one or more of my computers would have most likely been damaged.

I think we call that Sunday around here. :slight_smile:

That looks like a late summer day outfit to me as well. It is currently -20 here in Winnipeg and will bottom out around -29 tonight. We have been in a deep freeze for the past week and no work coming in because people just don’t want to move. My diesel truck is plugged in 24 / 7 or it is running. Left it for 3 hours unplugged and not running on Saturday in -29C and it really did not like me at all. Did a lot of protesting before starting. Stay warm my fellow inspectors except for you fellow in sunny Califonia, you guys can chill.:mrgreen::mrgreen: