Weather Conditions

Just curious what the rest of you do in extreme weather conditions while inspecting the exterior. Obviously snowfall limits visibility but what about a torrential downpour or bitter cold? Do you do put the exterior off until last or do you just get it over with?

When it’s raining I wear a full body rain coat w/attached hood. It works great and keeps me dry. I also take along an extra pair of hiking boots when the ground is muddy or snow covered.

Today presents a different situation and I’m dreading this mornings inspection. It’s -16ºF (20-30 below with wind chill) right now and I know my hands will freeze. It’s impossible to wear bulky gloves and snap pictures.

-26 here this AM

I have more problem with my camera lens and glasses.

Yesterday I snapped pics of the outside with one gloved hand and coat pocket for the other in -12 weather.

When I came inside my camera lens fogged badly and my glasses actually frosted up.

I snapped some interior pics before I realized the camera was fogged and had to retake them later.

It’s a pain but several short trips around the exterior and warming up in between in my truck works for me. I have also considered buying a new shooter’s glove with the trigger finger that can be moved out of the way for taking pics. the one I have is too bulky but there are some thinner ones.

As far a snow covered roofs I disclaim them and offer to come back when the snow is off but pay particular attention to attic inspection. Most people understand.
I had one earlier this week that had 8" of fresh snow and I couldn’t see anything.

Anyway you look at it, has to be a nightmare----:shock:

This is my indoor camera, this is my outdoor camera—:shock:

These are my outside boots, these are my inside shoes—:shock:

This is my full bottle of Jack when I started the exterior, this is my empty bottle of Jack when I finished the exterior, I’ll be back in the morning for the interior, have a nice day-----:cry:----:lol:

These are what you need up there Michael…check these out!

How I did my inspection yesterday…

Step 1:
Snow blow my own driveway so I can get there. Get dressed up in CARHART coveralls, CARHART coat, and Super insulated Boots. Spend 45 minutes clearing my 130 foot driveway.

Step 2:
Proceed to take off all my stuff, and realize I will have to put them back on once I get there. Have my wife hand me my inspection gear and thermal camera, load up my ladder, and trudge to site.

Step 3:
Spend another hour on the outside of the house. (6 F midday) I HAVE to keep my right glove off to take pictures. I line up 3-4 shots, pull my naked hand and camera out of pocket, and shoot away. Turn camera off, and retreat to warmer pocket. Repeat.

Step 4:
Make the client happy and earn my paycheck. Be happy I don’t live in Florida with Hurricanes, or California with wildfires and earthquakes, or Canada with… Canadians. (just kidding guys, My Grandpa was Canadian)

I call in sick any time the temperature nears 20 degrees F. :mrgreen: I think I’d call in “dead” if it were -12.

I use fishing gloves similar to shooting gloves and the freehands that Ken posted, but in this weather not much helps. I keep the cameras strapped around my neck and make frequent trips back to a protected garage or my vehicle.
Be careful out there. Frost bite can occur within 20 minutes or less to any exposed skin.

Don’t move to Maine Jeff, my home town of Madawaska was 35 below this morning and 20-25 below in Central Maine. :mrgreen:

You’d like it in the summer time though. :):smiley:

I think I’ll stay in SoCal.

I have an 11 am appointment at this house today. It’s 76 degrees with a slight breeze. :cool:


That’s right Jeff, rub it in. ;):):slight_smile:

The ink in the pen will freeze here.
The LCD on the gas pumps takes forever to come one.
If I was younger I think I would move to.
Ahh well, Spring around the corner. :wink:

I wear a jacket when it’s cold like now (67 degrees) and wait 5 minutes for the rain to go away and the sun to come out during our daily rain in the summer (feb to nov).

If a hurricane is supposed to hit, we just postpone to make sure there is still a house there after it passes. I’ve only ever lost one inspection to a hurricane, the roof ended up in the river and the silly buyer really wanted a roof on the house…:shock:

I don’t think anyone would have wanted to be stranded in the Allagash Woods of Northern Maine.

News just stated one place was -47 degrees below zero. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
-20 here was bad enough.

Marcel :):smiley:

We broke ZERO today !!! :cool::p:D

Hourly Weather Summary

Friday Afternoon, January 16


-20° F


-17° F


-11° F


-6° F


-2° F
Mostly Cloudy


0° F


1° F


1° F

Good Man!
We (in Tenn) appreciate your support! :wink:

I strongly recommend you invite Jack for the second day, as well–good assistants like Jack can be hard to find.

I’ve learned a few things this week. When I started today it was a balmy -3.

  1. Don’t leave your work boots in the truck over night.
  2. Bring your inside shoes “inside” at night.
  3. And that aluminum flash light, have you ever touched a flag pole and you stuck to the pole, well same with an ice cold flash light.

The good thing is a heat wave is on it’s way. 25 degree’s by Monday.


Baseball gloves that stretch can be a help.
I have also just cut the finger tips off of some.

The feet are another story, but I am never to embarrassed to wear my Carharts.

Those things keep you nice and toasty,plus have tons of pockets.

So much for Global Warming. LOL I hope you guys make it through the winter. I have a lot of respect for guys in the northern states. Good Luck!!!