Not secure window on a high floor

My first (of many) question on this forum:

I’d call it out as potential danger, but I’d rather not rise the red flag, if the closing mechanism is considered enough. For me, if an occupant trips while removing the screen for seasonal cleaning the mechanism will not be enough to hold the window from fully opening. Guard rail, or different restriction product (chainwinder) recommended.

I’m I overdoing it?

O my, I have had this before. In my case I just lightly mentioned the safety concerns.

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If it is a safety concern, I would make sure, in the report, that it could not be missed.


I’m probably overreacting, because I was living in CDN (town in Montreal) 15 years ago, whenever a neighbor kid pushed through the old screen and perished on the street below.

There’s a code section that calls for a guardrail in that case.


I had this when I was building a home once. In your case a Juliette balcony/rail would be needed, but because we had 2ft of mansard roof it was ok. Go figure. We put up a railing to be safe.

Have you found it?

This window should have tempered or safety glass , have safety guardrail inside or opening function should be limited to 4” for child safety.

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Is there more to that? Such as window location?

That covers single hung windows, but on casement windows, you would have to provide something like this to prevent the linkage from letting go, but at the same time can be released if necessary.,prmr:3&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjdxPT4tY_lAhXkUN8KHXgVCtQQ8gIIpgI

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In addition we should be aware about tempered / safety glass requirements: