Not Sure What This Is

Seen this today for the first time. Can anyone help tell me what this is for?

Could be several things, including a sump-pump (was there one in the house?) discharge. Did you check the other side of it?

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First thing that came to mind was a sump pump discharge for me also.


Yes, there appeared to be a sump pump but I don’t think it was directly on the other side, but thanks, I think that’s what it is. Thanks for your help.

There appeared to be? Was it hidden by stored items, or do you not inspect sump pumps? Appeared to be sounds like you’re not sure.

Wrong use of words, sorry.
Yes, there was a sump pump so that would be the discharge. No, I don’t inspect sump pumps, at least not right now.

You should consider starting to inspect sump pumps, (and their discharge pipe/location) Very soon.


Amongst other components of a house. LOL :wink:

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