Sump or something..

This is something I’ve never seen before. The pump on the right looks like a pedestal type sump pump but there is no discharge line on it.

The “thing” on the left has a long rod with a crank mechanism on the top.

Have any of you seen this system and what is it?

The pump looks to me to be a shallow well pump, perhaps an abandoned well? Maybe intended for irrigation? It is possible to hook it up as a sump, it would need a reservoir underground. Totally unsure of what the other thing is.

"Re: Sump or something…"

I believe I’m going to cast my lot with…“something”. That’s what it is–something.

I’m with Jae on this one…Definitely “something”. 100% confident in that.

A something it is. :smiley:

The pump was functional but what it did is a mystery to me. The yellow sticker on the handle said dry basement.

See if you can’t run down the home owner through the tax records, and give him a call, and ask him…

Well boys could be a sand point?

That sure is something.:stuck_out_tongue: Let’s wait for one of our southern hillbillies to chime in and tell us what it really is.

What is the age of the house Vince? I’m thinking sand point or shallow well also.

Not sure of the exact age but 1950’s

Public water is available to the home.

If it is a well, I do not see any discharge lines coming off the pump. It does appear to be a shallow well pump.

The pipe with the handle has a slide valve in it. crack the handle and it allows water from the floor drains to be pulled through the pipe that’s marked dry basement. for those of you who think the pump side is a well, all I can say is don’t drink the water… it’s hooked up to the sanitary line. This was used in homes that had no sump pump set up and put in operation in the event the basement flooded. The line between the valve and pump has been removed for what ever reason.

Did anyone crank the handle?

Thanks for the information.

I did. Nothing happened.